Jules Rivera: A to Z Challenge

It’s too late to be someone else when I grow up but I still dream about becoming Jules Rivera or at least more like her. She’s an extremely talented artist. Plus, her tattoos are the coolest. Everything about her is the coolest. I think she fits the bill of being one of the coolest chicksContinue reading “Jules Rivera: A to Z Challenge”

Corinna Bechko: A to Z Challenge

Corinna Bechko is a really fascinating individual. I mean, look at that picture of her with the bird – not everyone can be so brave. Besides being an animal lover, she writes comic books. Plus, she loves coffee. If I was having coffee with Corinna, I think our conversation would be something like this .Continue reading “Corinna Bechko: A to Z Challenge”

Meredith Finch: A to Z Challenge

When Meredith Finch agreed to do this interview, I may have turned into a complete and total fangirl. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Meredith Finch, she is the writer for Wonder Woman. She is listed in the DC Comics talent directory. Do you think she’d wear a Wonder Woman crown made byContinue reading “Meredith Finch: A to Z Challenge”

Eve Greenwood: A to Z Challenge

Eve Greenwood is exquisite, ethereal and exceptional. (There are so many words for awesome that start with E and most of them can apply to Eve. Maybe not eternal but everything else.) It was so lovely of her to answer my questions, even though she is busy with her freelance work . Her home is inContinue reading “Eve Greenwood: A to Z Challenge”

Enkaru: A to Z Challenge

While searching for a person for the letter E, I stumbled across Enkaru on Tumblr. Luckily, she agreed to do the interview. Now we follow each other on Tumblr. Next week, we’ll be BFF’s. I would encourage you all to follow her and check out her art work.   What was the first thing thatContinue reading “Enkaru: A to Z Challenge”

Dawn Griffin : A to Z Challenge

D is for Dawn Griffin, an independent kid-friendly illustrator. She is from Cleveland, Ohio, which is almost in my backyard. When I first asked her to participate in this project, she asked me several questions about myself like “Who are you?” and “Why are you camping on my lawn?” Just kidding. I suppose there areContinue reading “Dawn Griffin : A to Z Challenge”

Amber Love: A to Z Challenge

Amber Love is not necessarily a comic book artist per se but she has been involved with writing webcomics as a guest writer. Love also has a podcast called Vodka O’Clock. She also interviews people from the arts and entertainment world, which is pretty cool. What was the first thing that you were proud ofContinue reading “Amber Love: A to Z Challenge”

Revealing: A to Z Challenge

This year the A to Z Challenge theme on this blog will be . . . . female comic book artists and writers. I’ve been working to get the list of ladies organized. Sorry that March hasn’t been very exciting around here. April will be fantastic. Most of the posts will be interviews with someContinue reading “Revealing: A to Z Challenge”

She-Hulk: I think I love you unexpectedly.

Today I came across the newest version of “She-Hulk” from Charles Soule, Javier Pulido and Muntsa Vicente. I have seen other blogs recommend this comic. I was not sure about if I would like it but I bought the first issue. The cover art is really great so it would not have been a totalContinue reading “She-Hulk: I think I love you unexpectedly.”

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