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Cooking for the End of the World: DIY Cookbook

I am probably being paranoid about the end times coming sooner. At any rate, I need to get my recipes copied from Pinterest before society totally crumbles and takes the Internet with it.

So I’m just sharing a few ideas that I came across while researching options for recipe books. I realize that it is April Fool’s Day but this post and the links are real. The guy in the picture is my boyfriend. The kids and I would starve without him. He is essential. Also, no joke. 🙂

  1. Make a Bullet Journal/Recipe Book

This would be a good option if you have tons of time and are artistic. You would only need the journal of your choice, pens, markers and time. It would not cost very much, just the cost of the journal and art supplies.

2. Binder and Printables

Decorating your own binder is a way to make your recipe book more personal. You could type the recipes onto the cards if your handwriting is not great. It’s still a cost effective option.

3. Use an online program to print a cookbook

So if you are short on time or artistic ability, you could visit Create My Cookbook and make your own cookbook. I just started cutting and pasting recipes this week.

I have finally figured out how to use my Instagram photos. If you share them to Facebook from Instagram, it should work. Maybe . . .

4. DIY. The old fashioned way.

Buy some recipe cards and a binder at the store. You should probably get some pens. If you have kids or grandkids with decent handwriting, they could help you write.

Weekend Coffee Share: there’s paint in my mohawk 

So this weekend, I looked at Pinterest. I found coffee related things to fuel a million DIY projects. 

I decided that I needed to have beautiful kitchen cabinets. They look like this . . .

I knew right away that I was in over my head. After a few trips to the store, paint in my mohawk and kitchen in a chaotic state, the cabinets look like this . . . .

The lady at the Dollar Store has faith in me. 


I’ve been trying to screw for a month. It’s not working. I think I broke it.


On the plus side, my fingers are silver and glittery. I wish I had some matching face paint. It might help to get me motivated to finish screwing.

I like a challenge but I think I may have been defeated by this screw. It’s aggravating to not make any progress whatsoever for so long.

I don’t have adequate screwdriver skills either. Damn that Rehab Addict chick for making it look so easy to renovate a house. They made a dresser into vanity for Pete’s sake. Genius.

Do you think she’ll let me borrow that crow bar? Oh no. Wait. . . I don’t need a crow bar. A sledgehammer. I bet I could get the screw into the wall with a sledgehammer.

If only, I had orange juice and vodka then I could celebrate with a different sort of screwdriver. Celebrate defeat via a screw? Whatever. I need a drink and/or a nap.

Also, if someone could come finish screwing the screw into the wall. And the three other screws that are waiting in the wings. Yeah, if you could just screw them all in and then hang up my no-sew curtains that I made a few weeks ago that would be great.


Mostly Finished Project: #NaBloPoMo

What was the last big project you completed?

diy1 diy2

A few days ago, I bought a dresser for my teenager for $10. We’re moving sooner than later. The best part is that the kids will not have to share rooms or dressers. So the lucky teenager gets a repainted dresser. As we speak, it is drying on the back porch.

I also used a handsaw for the first or second time ever. It’s so much different than watching a video game character or a hunky movie star saw logs or whatever. It was very real and very awkward. But I prevailed!

The teenager wanted a black dresser. I think she’ll be happy with black and white. Yes, I did listen to “Paint it Black” while painting it black. Thanks for asking. 😉

So after I find the hammer, I will be attaching a piece of wood to the dresser. It was missing when I bought the dresser.

When the paint dries, it will be time to attach the new knobs to the drawers. I think it will be completed tomorrow.

DIY Map Project: #NaBloPoMo

What was the last project you started?

I started a project like this one. It’s finished. Shocking, right?! I need to mail it to someone or someones. Can you believe that I haven’t taken a picture of the project yet? I think I will take a picture.


Next week, I will mail it. I swear. I need to get it off of the kitchen table. Also, I don’t want to get it mixed up with the moving boxes.

I’m jealous the map project is going to end up in New York. Lucky map.

What do guys think? Is it good enough to mail?

Searching for Autograph Books: We’re not that into you Elsa

Batgirl & The Black Canary.
Batgirl & The Black Canary.

For the past few days, I have been looking for autograph books. It used to be so easy to find a variety of autograph books. What happened to variety? Almost every autograph book that I found was Disney. What can you do if you aren’t going to Disney? What if we’re not so into princesses? What if we’re into Thor and Wonder Woman. FYI: My youngest daughter wants to dress up like the Pink Power Ranger and the Black Canary. We’re not that into you anymore Elsa.

Since I was running out of time to make three spectacular comic book-related autograph books, I bought three different journals. I was going to buy some small sketchbooks; however, they were all black. Three daughters with the same autograph book = chaos + tears + aggravation + mommy needs a drink but she’s out of vodka.

Does anyone make comic book related autograph books? If not, someone should. I’m going to look around at the Comic Con to see what I can find. For the children. I mean, if I happen to find a Wonder Woman book, maybe I could reward myself with it. It’s going to be a long drive. I might deserve a reward by the end of the trip, right? Right.

I did find some cool ideas on Pinterest for making your own autograph book. Of course, they were ALL Disney. I think the idea could be modified with Thor, Wonder Woman or whoever.

This would be a cool cover for my next autograph book. I’m still working on filling up my pink book that my mommy bought for me.

on the hunt for a carpenter best friend: nablopomo

Do you prefer to have things done for you, or do you prefer to do them yourself?

There are things that I can do myself: shopping, taking pictures, writing, planning trips and being sarcastic.

Some things I would have to beg or hire someone to do. Although my boyfriend is super awesome, I cannot ask him to do certain things. His handiness is kind of limited. He is good with electronics and sound systems. Seriously, he might be the best sound guy in the tri-state area. Pick any tri-state area. I would guarantee that he is in the top five.

On the other hand, neither of us are good at building things. I really want a new bed. I think we could build it ourselves if we had a supervisor.

He knows people. Everywhere we go, he knows someone. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere from restaurants to the store to comic book conventions and events in different cities. Plus, everyone likes him. I don’t know how he does it. I struggle to get more than five people to like me. He does that just on one trip to the grocery store.

The odds are good that he knows a guy with carpenter skills. I need to make this person our new BFF. I could buy some beer. I do know how to buy beer. So please if you are a carpenter in need of some new best friends, take pity on a couple of nice unhandy people.


Decorate? Or not. NaBloPoMo

Do you tend to buy or make the decorative touches in your home?

As much as I would like to make all of the decor in my house, I end up buying something put together. It’s usually a matter of time and having too many projects going on at the same time.

I have a whole board or two full of things that I would like to make. I had every intention of making this mirror.

And framing everyone’s dance shoes

How could I not make this bed? I might need to make a friend with a carpenter with time on his or her hands. Where is my hammer again? I just saw it a few weeks ago.

This year, I would really like to get these DIY projects started and finished.

Crafty: NaBloPoMo

What was the last craft project you attempted?

The last craft project that I started were the DIY Sharpie Mugs. Some turned out ok and others less so.

It was still a lot of fun to do. It’s also the most that I’ve used the oven in two years.

It was so much fun that I bought new markers and new mugs. Hopefully, the new mugs will turn out much better than the last batch.

I should have them finished just in time for Valentine’s Day or maybe the last day of school. I’ll keep you posted

10882186_10152442471862714_4014123871734943277_n-1 pinfail

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