Loved or Loved & Hated: #NaBloPoMo

Would you rather be equally loved and reviled by many readers or would you rather have a small, supportive group of readers? At the moment, I have a small group of regular readers. They are extremely supportive of this blog, which I appreciate. In a way, it has given me the confidence to keep writingContinue reading “Loved or Loved & Hated: #NaBloPoMo”

Stresses of Writing: NaBloPoMo

What unique stresses do you think women writers experience? I can only tell you what stresses I have. I also happen to be a woman. Men probably have similar problems, right? Perfection. I don’t want to publish a book if it’s not perfect. This is also the reason that it has taken so long toContinue reading “Stresses of Writing: NaBloPoMo”

Blogger’s Dilemma: Inspiration is Calling but I don’t Want to Answer.

Like many of you writers and bloggers, I have a method to the madness. For many posts, I feel called to write. It’s sort of going with the flow. Inspiration or whatever. What do you do when the inspiration is calling you to write about a topic that you don’t want to write about. It’sContinue reading “Blogger’s Dilemma: Inspiration is Calling but I don’t Want to Answer.”

Writin Nerdy: Cleora Yang

Where does he/she come from? What is his/her world like? What happened to cause him/her to have that look on his/her face? What was for dinner last night? Just what is he/she up to, eh?     I can’t believe that you don’t know Cleora Yang. She’s been around the galaxy a few hundred millionContinue reading “Writin Nerdy: Cleora Yang”

Take a Chance Monday: More poetry

It’s a little darker than the other poems. I wrote it after a summer of working on washing machines. Laundry as Death Somewhere, someone needs 99 washing machines built by stone-faced women with tattoos the size of their sadness. Four days ago, a container of toxic detergent spilled on Roberta’s skin. Four hours ago, ZanaContinue reading “Take a Chance Monday: More poetry”

Take a Chance Monday: Flashback Poetry

It’s Take a Chance Monday. Here is another installment of Flashback poetry. I’m not sure of the date. Probably around 1997-98. Quiesha + Nihy My boy told me Monday Morning My girl is a sorceress. “I never noticed your toffee skin til today.” I see tempests in her left eye and serenity in her right.Continue reading “Take a Chance Monday: Flashback Poetry”

Take a Chance Monday: Flashback Poetry

This is the first poem that I’ve shared in about thirteen or fourteen years. I used to read at open-mic nights. Sometime between then and now, I became more secretive about what I was writing or if I was writing at all. I’m hoping that someone can tell me if I should keep writing inContinue reading “Take a Chance Monday: Flashback Poetry”

Take a Chance Monday: Poetry & Other Writing

So I’m going to try something new . . . and old. Every Monday, I’m going to post something that I’ve written, like poetry, a children’s story or whatever. It should be longer than this post. Unless it’s Haiku. Or unless it just isn’t meant to be long. The point is to write and share.Continue reading “Take a Chance Monday: Poetry & Other Writing”

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