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Christmas Decorating: #BlogHer


Do you decorate for the winter holidays?

The kids and I decorated the tree yesterday. Sort of. They started to decorate and then they started wrestling. I was going to save the one daughter that was trapped but I couldn’t stop laughing. It was funnier than it sounds. Or I’m a terrible mother.

I did have to make them stop before they knocked the tree over or anyone peed their pants. See, I’m not so bad.

Apparently, I didn’t pack up very carefully last year because many of my decorations broke. There’s an angel with  broken wings. Frosty has fallen but he didn’t melt. He might have been drunk. The Elf on the Shelf threw a party and there is tinsel and shattered ornaments everywhere.


(It’s ok. I’m more than happy to get new stuff, including a lid and another box. We’re totally going to make “The Nightmare Before Christmas” theme happen sooner than later, I swear. We have a white Christmas tree so that is half the battle. Most of the time, the garland is red but one of the kids found the purple and now the tree has a hodge podge of colors. Nothing matches but no one seems to mind. Well, maybe me. I like things to match.  I don’t think the decorating police will care. If they do, then I’ll send my kids to challenge them to a wrestling match.