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Sleep Deprived Spotlight: Carried Away

Carried Away is a pop-punk band from Toronto. Obviously, they are young and energetic.

The lead singer sounds so sweet and innocent. It makes for an interesting dynamic with the rest of the band. Many bands want what Carried Away has – youth, energy and a singer with a candy-coated voice.

There are tons of bands with singers that sound wise beyond their years. Someday Carried Away will sound like three old sages but that day is not today.

Carried Away has several videos on YouTube and website with cool merch. Don’t forget to listen to their music and watch their videos.

Carried Away website: http://carriedawayofficial.com/?fbclid=IwAR09C8hvVjvE1tAJS9jp2rNMnhAwoAySg-vlDAJz_rHIf-MSdPQ4t0iCOXE

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