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Hemming Put End to My Fashion Career


Have you ever attempted to make your own clothes? Tell us about the results.

Hemming isn’t a person but if it were it would be the trickiest villain on the planet. She would come around when you are just about to finish the bottom of your dress. Maybe Hemming would tangle up the thread in your sewing machine or break your last needle.

Hemming knows that you don’t have the patience for her. In fact, she is counting on it. If you don’t finish the dress then you’ll give up. Poof! Your dreams of being a fashion designer go up in smoke. No “Project Runway” for you!

Now you’ll have to buy clothes off of the rack, unless you can find a fairy godmother to make you a new outfit. Or Tim Gunn. Tim Gunn would be the best stylist ever. Correction: He is the best stylist ever.