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Splendid Spring Book Tag


Today, I found the Splendid Spring Book Tag on Paperbacks and Planners. Like most people, I am ready for gardening and reading outside in the sun.

The tag was created by Victoria Mann over on Youtube. Everyone is welcome to participate.

1. Everywhere you look flowers are blooming! Choose a book you love or think you will love with flowers on the cover.

I might like this one. I’ll get back to you.

2. Spring is the perfect time for a fun trip! Choose a book you’ve read or would like to read while traveling from one place to another.

This book is on the vacation TBR.

3. Who doesn’t love a good Spring Fling? Choose a book you were obsessed with for a short period of time, but then you swiftly cast it aside.

I wouldn’t say that I swiftly cast it aside. But I had to move on. The Hazel Wood: #bookreview

4. Everyone loves the smell of freshly mowed grass, but not at an ungodly hour! Choose a book that personifies as a middle-aged dad waking up at 7am on a Saturday to mow the lawn when he should be sleeping like the rest of us.

Charles Dickens sure knows how to ruin Spring Break.

5. A surprise rain shower might spoil your outdoor fun, but don’t worry the sun will be back! Choose a book that made you really sad, but the sun still shines in the end.

6. It’s that time of year when all the animals stretch their limbs and come out of hibernation. Choose a book that pulled you out of a reading slump.

Beyond the Moon: #bookreview

7. Students all over exhale a sigh of relief knowing they get a break from school. Choose a book whose friend group you’d like to spend Spring Break with.

Josephine Baker’s Last Dance: #bookreview

How epic would it be to spend even one minute with Josephine Baker?

8. Spring is all about rebirth and blooming. Choose a book that made you grow as a person.

I read this when I was about 12. After reading it, I was never tempted to do drugs.

9. A picnic at the park is the perfect springtime activity! Choose a book with a character who you think would pack the best picnic basket.

10. For many Spring is the first break from the bitterness of Winter! Choose a book that is the embodiment of sunshine.