Cold Case Quest

I might be obsessed with shows about cold case investigations – real and fiction. So why not do a hundred posts about actual cold cases? I might as well write about something that could be useful. 

Jake and Ella  Cassandra Cole Carin Q. White Carolyn and Amanda Adams

 Reggie Elkins Rene Combs Rebecca Carroll

Paula Logan Nickeisha Holloman Carolina Acosta Felicia Dungey

Ava Lomas Adrian Scott Bonita Parker Stacey Colbert

JoJo Striker Andrea Flenoury Laura Castillo Bobbie Jo Waymire

Anita Lias Denise Collins and Thax Winston, Jr Brenda Morrison

Darchelle Stone Janice and Brandon Beidleman Nanette Miller Darlene Gervins

Jennifer Judy Idessa Hennings Twanda Alexander Susan DeNoma

Donna Stallings

Frances Smith

Christine Nelson

Lillie Smith

Clara King

Gladys Taylor

Cynthia K. Smith

Yvonne Norris

Karen Moore

Danita Obanion

Janet Amar

Brenda West and Robert Valentine

Alice Laskey, Helen Banner and Carrie Walker

Tina Johnson, Maria Gruden and Nadine Frank

Lois Smith

Marilyn Blassingame Randolph

Possible Connections, Cincinnati

Anesia Rogers




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