#WeekendCoffeeShare: Still Not a Hippie

If we were having coffee, I would tell you

  • I always realize that I’m not a hippie at music festivals. I’m never as laid back as I think I am. Also, I’m not one with the earth or inner peace. I’m working on it.
  •  066
  • Some of my favorite people are hippies. Like this guy. I didn’t even know he had a real name until this year. He changed his profile name to his real name. I had to look at the profile to make sure I knew him.
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  • I will never be as cool as the guy in the bathrobe and walking stick.
  • Lucas said that people don’t think I’m a real person since I haven’t been out to do anything lately. I think I need a shirt that says, “I’m a real girl.”
  • Unfortunately, for hippie vendors, I’m not that into tye-dye. We have a friend that does some quality tye-dyes though.
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  • He made these pants. And wore them. I’m kind of jealous. He’ll probably make you some. This is his Facebook page. I’m thinking I could pull off one of the tye-dye scarves.
  • https://www.facebook.com/eqbowers?pnref=lhc
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  • Look at me being outside with nature in the rain. That is real mud.Dirty, dirty mud. I’m not ready to be a mud person.
  • Fire people. Always fun. Lucas is the one playing the guitar.
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  • Lucas said it was ok to try standing in the rain. So we did. It was fun. I danced around, while he drank a beer. Sounds about right.
  • If I could cook and wanted to make money, I would be a food vendor at music festivals. People are always hungry. Well, I’m always hungry and I’m a person.
  • So today, I went to work. Then I got on Pinterest. Then I fell asleep. All in all a good day, except that I didn’t have any coffee. Someone asked me why I didn’t seem so happy. The answer was “Because I haven’t had coffee yet.” It’s the truth. Coffee always makes the day better.
  • How was your week?
  • You can find more coffee addicts at Part-Time Monster.
  • https://parttimemonster.wordpress.com/2015/05/30/weekendcoffeeshare-the-calm-before-the-storm/

P.S. Enjoy this video of Canned Heat. Awesomeness. 🙂

This is Your Captain Speaking: Book Review


Last night, I finished reading “This is Your Captain Speaking” by Gavin MacLeod and Mark Dagostino.

For those of you who don’t know – which is everyone except my parents and like two people – I am a huge fan of the “The Love Boat.” So when I had the chance to review this book, I felt like God was listening.

My mom doesn’t know but when I was grounded, I waited until my grandma was busy and watched “The Love Boat.” Rebellious, I know. I just had to watch it! I was eight years old and addicted to “The Love Boat.”

This book isn’t just about the “The Love Boat.” MacLeod tells his whole life story. He has so many interesting stories. He talks about his parents and growing up without having much money. When he was a young kid, he knew that he loved acting. MacLeod writes about his early days as an actor in New York and his move to California.

He also writes about having a problem with alcohol and being divorced from two wives. I appreciate that he doesn’t blame anyone else and takes responsibility for his problems.

I always forget that he was on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” He talks about how wonderful it was to be a part of that show.

MacLeod has also worked or met with just about every famous person that you’ve ever hear of. He appreciates all of the opportunities that he has had.

The story is really a testimony about all of the good things that have happened to him because he is an ambassador for God. He has a really interesting testimony that you will have to read to believe. He is truly blessed.

I only have one criticism. There are so many exclamation points!! I guess that he is excited about life!!! There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?!

Photos vs. stories: #NaBloPoMo

Which do you cherish more: old family photos or old family stories?

Old family photos. Although, I do love family stories too. For the most part, photos tell the story. At the least, they sometimes remind people of what was going on at the time of the photo.

I don’t just love my family photos. I love looking at everyone’s family photos. The residents at work have some of the best wedding photos. It’s so interesting to me to see what they looked like when they were in their 20s.

This summer, I think my boyfriend and I are actually going to do a family photo. We’ve been together a long time. It even says that we’re in a relationship on Facebook so we are probably over due for a family picture.

This is the last family picture that we have. I do love this picture. Hopefully, the next one will be less messy.


Enigma: Daily Post

Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.


  • I rarely sleep through the night. I almost always wake up coughing. Or looking for the boogie man in the closet. The boogie man usually turns back into a vacuum after staring at it for a few minutes.
  • I have tons of nail polish but I never paint my fingernails. Well, almost never – like one time in four years. Toenails only.
  • I have owned a home and have also been homeless. I will be moving again this summer. I think that makes more times than I can count. It’s really going to be the 14th moving experience.


Force of Nature: Weekly Photo Challenge


We get a fair share of tornado watches and warnings. I was waiting for a tornado to form from these clouds. And a house. I was waiting for a house to fall from the sky. Wicked witches. Flying monkeys. All of that.

Plus, I thought that we were going to be taking cover in a ditch since we were in a car. Scariest 30 minutes ever.


I’m over at Sammiches and Psych Meds Today. . . (and Huffington Post too!)

Today was not the best day at work. However, in spite of all of the awfulness that made today yucky, I found out that I was published on Sammiches and Psych Meds.

The link is here so visit, share. laugh, tell your friends. All of those things that bloggers do.


Why I Wish Skylanders Would Burn in Hell

On top of all that Sammiche and Psych Med excitement, I also discovered that I was also published on Huffington Post.


For now, I’m going to celebrate with a glass of water and possibly a nap. There will be ice cream later. Oh yes. There will be ice cream.

The link to the article about Nyves is here. The title is boring but the article is really quite decent.


Also check out this video from Nyves. It is pretty darned awesome!

Nyves + Sammiches & Psych Meds = Ice cream. Sounds about right to me. Or I could be short circuiting.