Paramnesia, The Deadish Chronicles: #bookreview


Paramnesia is a real word. The definition is “A distortion of memory in which fact and fantasy are confused.”

I found Paramnesia: The Deadish Chronicles on NetGalley. Since Blogging for Books will be closing soon, it was time to find another place that had books available for review. So far it’s been a positive experience, except that I can never remember my password.

One day Nora is a normal high school student with good family and friends. She has just recently met Andrew, who is the perfect boyfriend. They have a perfect prom night until after the dance is over.

There’s a tragic event that changes Nora’s life forever. No one believes her story about the situation, which includes a soul sucker called the Revenant. I envision the Revenant as a creature that looks like the alien from Alien.   

Her psychiatrist believes that she has paramnesia. If only it were that simple.

I enjoyed reading this book for the most part. It made me wish that I could do prom over except for the whole soul sucker situation. I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.

You can find the author, Brian Wilkinson on Twitter and most places on the Internet.

Brian Wilkinson on Twitter

  • I received an ebook from NetGalley in exchange for doing a review. All opinions are my own. Obviously.

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Birds of Chicago



When I was trying to think of how to describe Birds of Chicago, the term Americana kept coming up. I’m not as familiar with Americana so I had to Google it.

According to, “Americana is contemporary music that incorporates elements of various American roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues, resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound that lives in a world apart from the pure forms of the genres upon which it may draw.”

I would say that the description pretty much sums up the sound of Birds of Chicago. Of course, it’s hard to keep the Birds of Chicago in just one cage . . . I mean, category.


Birds of Chicago is a husband and wife duo, JT Nero and Allison Russell. Originally, they were in different musical groups. Nero was with JT and the Clouds. Russell was in Po’ Girl.

Russell’s voice was the selling point for listening to this album. Her voice is like honey, so sweet and beautiful. I think the music is almost timeless. We could listen to this album in a 1920s speakeasy just as easily as we could listen to it now.

Awesome things about this album:

  • Russell’s voice. I could listen to it for eternity.
  • The lyrics. Meaningful lyrics never hurt anyone. Well, maybe a little heartbreak. Heartbreak builds character so you can write meaningful lyrics.
  • Their music is authentic. Every note and emotion are real.

Some of the proceeds from American Flowers benefits Chicago’s Teen Living programs, a non-profit that helps teens who homeless and at risk for being homeless.

Birds of Chicago on Twitter

Birds of Chicago YouTube Channel

American Flowers on Spotify

Teen Living Programs

Tinfoil Heart: #bookreview

Tinfoil Heart FOR WEB.jpg




If you get a chance, you should read Tinfoil Heart by Daisy Prescott. The plot is pretty decent. It’s an interesting twist on the typical romance novel.

Lucy moves to Roswell, New Mexico because she is looking for information about her missing father. Years ago, her mother told everyone that he was abducted by aliens. So why not move to a town that is a hub of alien conspiracy theories?

She’s not planning to stay but she meets a few new friends including the incredibly handsome Boone Santos.

While reading this book, I actually laughed out loud at least twice. I wasn’t expecting the book to be so funny.

There’s a smidgen of sex in this book so it’s not for kids. I’m going extending my boundaries about reading and writing about sex that I have -just for you guys. It’s a hardship . . . (pun intended. Maybe?)

On a side note, this was a surprise review – mostly for me. It was almost a half-done review. Apparently, I signed up for a blog tour that I forgot about and then got the post day wrong. Plus, I didn’t have the book finished in time. OOPS. Sorry.

Tinfoil Heart New Release Giveaway

Tinfoil Heart on Amazon

Daisy Prescott on Twitter


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Sleep Deprived Music Review: Cicada Rhythm


“I can’t wait until the morning. I can’t wait another night” – Roses by My Side by Cicada Rhythm


Cicada Rhythm’s new album, Everywhere I Go, should be available in the usual spots on April 27. So you have a day to get your stuff together and make arrangements to get the album.

If you need an album for your upcoming Route 66 road trip, then this album will be perfect for you. Even if you’re like me and constantly thinking about a road trip vacay, then Cicada Rhythm can be the soundtrack to your daydreams.


I guess their music would be categorized as Americana – a combination of country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B, and blues. So Cicada Rhythm basically plays a hodgepodge of almost every musical style without being gimmicky. There’s a violin on “Dream Alone.” It’s a beautiful album. If I had to pick a favorite, maybe “Where the Dogwood Dies” or “Roses by My Side.”

Andrea DeMarcus and Dave Kirslis provide excellent vocals and guitar solos. By the end of your trip, everyone in the car will know the words and sing along. Go get the album and make some memories.


Cicada Rhythm on Twitter

Cicada Rhythm website

  • I received an advanced copy of the album from New West Records in order to do a review. All opinions are mine. Obviously.

Interview with . . . Medusa’s Disco



Photo Credit: Studio 28, LLC


Before SXSW, my friend at j9 of J and the 9s posted that Medusa’s Disco was going to be playing at the festival. Since j9 and I love a lot of the same bands, there was a good chance that I would like Medusa’s Disco.

Who couldn’t love a band with such a great name? If they had t-shirts, I would buy them all.

Regardless of the awesome name, they definitely captured my attention. I need to be constantly entertained.

The band members -Wynton Huddle, Hunter Root, Alex Aument and Anthony Procopio- are available 24/7 in order to satisfy your eardrums. They can be found on different places on the Internet. You can play their YouTube videos on a continuously if you really want to do such a thing.

So if you’re curious about this progressive/psychedelic band from Pennsylvania, keep reading. Wynton Huddle answered my numerous questions in a timely fashion.


Q: Do you believe in ghosts?

Wynton: Funny enough I actually have a personal experience with some sort of entity, so yes I do! Growing up in Manheim, PA there was a curfew for anyone under the age of 18, so my friends and I would occasionally play a game we called ‘Ditch the Po-Po’. Basically, all you do is just go for walks late at night and hide from police cars whenever they drive by…thrilling I know…
So, one night when I was 14, we were walking by a restaurant next to a bridge with a creek when two cop cars pulled into the restaurant lot and shined their lights our way. We all laid on the ground and crawled into the creek to sneak away. When we started walking down the creek we noticed what appeared to be a little girl in a white dress standing in the middle of the creek staring back at us. Seeing how it was 2:30 AM I had my doubts that it was just any normal girl. I asked my friends if they saw her too and they both nodded. We ended up booking it out of there in a hurry. I found out 2 months later that an old woman backed her car off that bridge and drowned that previous winter. Coincidence?
Q: So my boyfriend says that I have Medusa’s hair when I’m angry. Does your hair ever do anything crazy like that?
W: When we’re out on the road sleeping on the occasional floor, that morning hair can indeed have quite the resemblance!
Q: Do you have an interest in mythology?
W: Through all the classes I took in school, the one that really reached out to me was my ancient history/mythology class. My teacher at the time was especially passionate about it and loved to watch our jaws drop with what the norm was hundreds and thousands of years ago. I’ve always wondered what the difference between religion and mythology was anyways? More believers? Well. Medusa’s Disco strives night and day to make Greek Mythology the standard again!

Q: Did you guys enjoy playing at SXSW? 

W: Absolutely. It was our second year in a row attending it and was even better than last year! With so many masses of people walking past so many venues, with so many bands playing, it is really the ultimate test of: does my music stand out? The results have been quite positive, having complete strangers stick around for your whole set and buy out your merch table, even checking out our other showcases over the next few days and bringing their friends. It’s always been a very reassuring and positive experience for us.

Q: Did you get to see the sites while in Austin?

W: Not too much this year, unfortunately. Last year we did some exploring though. Hunter had an infatuation with cacti, but after pulling some needles out of his butt he’s been less than eager.

Q: Where was your first show?

W: Medusa’s first show was the main stage of the Chameleon Club in Lancaster. A pretty solid first gig! Some bands take a long time until they can play that stage, but luckily I had an in from my previous band and we had a nice turnout. This was before we even had a bassist! There’s some footage of it floating around online:

Q: Do you still have day jobs?

W: We do indeed. It’s not an easy balancing act, but we will all do whatever we must to keep the ball rolling!

Q: If you had a time machine, where or when would you go?

W: I hope this doesn’t sound like a cop-out answer but right now is a pretty exciting time to be alive! It’s hard to say what the state of the world will be over these next few lifetimes but it seems like a crucial time for humanity. Luckily there’s still some time to work out the kinks, I think. Maybe not. Maybe someday higher life forms will check out our planet, dig up our bones and call US dinosaurs. Yeah..actually I want to take a time machine to then!

Q: What do you want people to know about Medusa’s Disco?
W: We don’t suck. You won’t hate us.

Q: If you were going to a protest, what would your sign say?

W: Investigate 311



Medusa’s Disco Links:

Lie to Me: #Bookreview



There were so many things that I liked about Lie to Me by Natasha Preston and one thing that I didn’t like as much.

It’s like most romances – boy and girl meet. They can’t stand each other because they like each other. They’ve been betrayed by their exes. So will the couple work it out or not?

There are a few twists that make it interesting. The chapters alternate between Savannah and Kent being the narrators.

I can’t tell you what happens. However, my eyes were leaking or something. I know, the title is Lie to Me – not Cry to Me.

I’ve said it before but I might be a prude when it comes to talking about sex scenes. This book has so many sex scenes. So much more sex and sexual tension than I ever remember having in my entire life. I was young once but apparently not as lucky as Savannah. Was I? We’ll never know.

I could never write a book about sex or with sex. My mom reads everything and she’s also a prude. Maybe if I had a pen name . . . I did have a good idea about a book with a sexy mechanic.

Anyway, the book was a good read. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.


Natasha Preston’s website

Natasha Preston on Twitter


  • I received an ARC from InkSlinger PR in exchange for doing a review. All opinions are my own. Obviously.

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Nattali Rize



Sugarshack Sessions recently posted a video with Nattali Rize. I was so excited that they had another female. While I don’t have the exact numbers of female musicians on Sugarshack Sessions, I know that I haven’t seen very many.

Nattali Rize released her most recent album, Rebel Frequency, in the Spring of 2017. If you’re into music with a message, then you should listen to Rebel Frequency. You could play it on your way to protest social injustices or while writing letters to your government officials. Rize uses her music for the good of people everywhere.



What is great about this album:

  • Rize is known for her social activism. Her activism is also present in the lyrics. She’s got spirit.The band is on point. All of the time.
  • There are several other artists who collaborate on the album – Julian Marley, Kabaka Pyramid, Notis, Dre Island, Jah9 and Raging Fyah.





Nattali Rize website

Nattali Rize on Twitter

Rebel Frequency on Spotify

Nattali Rize on Sugarshack Sessions. YouTube

Interview with . . . MakeWar


Well, now I’m in a pickle. It’s what I get for being a bit anti-social. I want to go to this MakeWar show more than anything. My boyfriend can’t go this time. He’s busy being a social butterfly as usual.

So I either go by myself or bribe someone to be my concert-going friend. Damnit. I might have to be a strong, independent woman. Honestly, my biggest worries are that Suri will lie to me about the directions and also that I won’t find a parking spot for my very mom-like mini-van. The chances of having to parallel park are pretty high. The chances of being able to parallel park – so very low.

What’s the going rate for bribery these days? What are the odds that I’ll find a super cool Uber driver that also likes punk rock? Does it matter if the only friends there are in the band? I mean, they aren’t my IRL friends yet but I’d like to make it happen.

I’ll let you know what the verdict is later. Whatever happens, it will be fine. In the meantime, check out this interview that I did with my soon-to-be new friend, Jose from MakeWar.


Do you have a favorite cheap beer? Good beer?

Cheap beer is the best type of but also depends on what part of the world you are. For example, in New York, the cheapest beer is probably Coors Light. You can get it for 4 bucks at the best bar in Brooklyn -the 3 Diamond Door. So that is the best beer to drink specially in the summer. In New Orleans, you’d go to Erin Rose and get the best pint of Guiness for 5 bucks. If you are in Mexico, the best beer down there is Victoria and its also the cheapest.


Could a wall really keep punk rock out? Let’s hope not.

Well… punk rock is about breaking the rules and taking down walls. So no I dont think a wall will keep punk rock out. I also don’t really know what you mean… like you mean a wall will send me and Edwin back to South America? Cuz we are staying here. Fighting the good fight from within.

And in regards to our brothers and sisters south of the border (the real ones not the fake one in between the Carolinas) they are the strongest of them all. If they want / have to come in they will. They ain’t afraid of walls. We all know walls always come down. Humans are stronger than any wall you’ll put in front of them. Punk rock is about unity not separation. We are just gonna keep spreading the good vibez and keep doing triple kickflips on top of any wall you put in front of us.


If you had to choose: hang out with boyfriend/girlfriend on his/her birthday or go see MakeWar/your favorite band? For the sake of argument – he slept through your birthday last year and has plans on your birthday this year.

Birthdays are important. But seems like he didnt care about yours. So come to the show. We’ll list ya!


How does one get discovered in a snowstorm? Did Brendan Kelly save your life?

I’m a big believer of “shit happens for a reason.” I also don’t believe in god but i believe in good vibes and good energy. Sometimes your shows are gonna get cancel because of shitty snow storms. Sometimes that snowstorm will come with a night of getting drunk with Brendan Kelly and playing some songs and getting your band sign to a super rad label with super rad people in it. Life is cool. Make the best out of everything. Even the shitty snow storms.

How do you live to fight another day?

I take CBD daily. Drink super green smoothies every morning. I go swimming or running at least 5 times a week. I tell my girlfriend I love her at least twice a day. I talk to my parents at least once a week. Do yoga once a week. Sleep 7 hours a day. No shooters on school nights. Eat more veggies than meat. Drink more water than whiskey. Drink more mezcal than normal tequila. Bring a Nintendo switch on tour. Take a shower every day. Poop everyday. Work hard. Be nice to people. Play harder.

Who designs your merch? I’m in love with the koozies, even though I don’t drink beer.

Thats Brunosky! He is a rad dude from philly. He does alot of shit for the menzos too. Koozies are the best. Keep your drink cold and your hands warm.

What do you do in your downtime?

See question 7. haha

If you weren’t a musician, how would you make a living?

Well. We don’t make a living playing music. YET. Haha. We all hustle our own ways. Edwin and I went to school for graphic design so that’s what we do when we are home. Greg is a great bar tender. But he just got accepted to a cool doctorate program at a cool university in Portland, Oregon. So I guess he is a good scholar now. Nerd.

What bands kickass in concert?

The Lillingtons!!!! 666 ❤

Is there anything that we should know about MakeWar?

We might change our name to MakeParty. Fuck War. We like to party wooooooowwowowowo.


MakeWar website

MakeWar on Twitter

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Elke



Elke quit her modeling career and changed her name. She’s also releasing an independent album this month. I admire her so much for taking a chance on herself. Not enough people want to take the risk that is involved in changing careers. Some people don’t even want to risk moving the furniture or changing their appearance.


Elke’s EP Bad Metaphors will be released on April 20. Her voice is a little bit different, kind of husky. However, she is worth taking a chance on – in the same way, someone took a chance on Nina Simone. (That might be a bad metaphor – just go with it.)

Until the album comes out, you can find her here – Elke on bandcamp and here – Elke on soundcloud.  

There are three songs on the EP. It still seems weird to me that there are singles, albums and EPs. An EP has more songs than a single but less than an album. I’m old school I guess.

Two Lives is my favorite song.

On a side note, after the Bad Metaphor album, this was my second favorite bad metaphor on the Internet: He fell for her like his heart was a mob informant and she was the East River. (

  • I received an advance copy so I could do a review. All opinions are my own. Obviously.