Flawless Friday Video: Girl Ray

YouTube recommended this video from Girl Ray and they were on the mark this time. Girl Ray recently released their video for “Give Me Your Love.” It might be the most perfect song for this summer. The video is so lovely. I also need a video about how to make floral crowns since I haveContinue reading “Flawless Friday Video: Girl Ray”

Meet and Greet: Reuben James

Who: Reuben James What: The coolest R & B . So, so cool. Why: Because all of the cool kids are going to be listening to Reuben James. Why not get a head start? I think he might just be a hepcat. Google that term. It’s not one I get to use very often becauseContinue reading “Meet and Greet: Reuben James”

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Nane’

Nane’ of Austin, Texas released a self-titled debut album in November 2020. I cannot express to you how dope this album is. It deserves any and all of the hype. Brittany Howard loves this band so that is saying something. Actually, the band reminds me of Brittany Howard. She’s amazing so it is a compliment.Continue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Nane’”

Flawless Friday Video: Pageants

Ohhhh a video from Pageants with Beanie Babies and Caboodles. I still want a Caboodle. Who had a high school boyfriend that they could make cute music videos with? I’ll stick with the Caboodle. Caboodles are classic and won’t let you down. Pageants knows. Connect with Pageants: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp

Meet and Greet: Love Again

Who: Love Again of San Antonio, Texas What: Alternative Emo Why: There are thousands of bands that wish they were Love Again, they just don’t know it yet. I am in love with Love Again. 😉 I could listen to them 24/7. Where: http://www.facebook.com/LoveAgainMusic http://www.instagram.com/loveagainmusic http://www.twitter.com/loveagainmusic

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Kaylee Elizabeth

Seattle-based singer/songwriter, Kaylee Elizabeth, will be releasing her debut album, Playing with Fire, on June 11. Write it down on your calendar! Set an alert so you remember to support the release of this new album! The lyrics seem very heartfelt and honest. Kaylee spent time in Ireland studying traditional singing. I think you canContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Kaylee Elizabeth”

Flawless Friday Video: Lion Babe

I have watched this video on repeat. I’m not even a little bit sorry. When you have a chance, check out the “Frida Kahlo” video from Lion Babe of New York City. They also have some amazing band merch. I’m a Leo and would like all of my clothing to say Lion Babe from nowContinue reading “Flawless Friday Video: Lion Babe”

Meet and Greet: Sweet Teeth

Who: Sweet Teeth Andreas Axelson – Guitars, Vocals Joona Hassinen – Bass Andreas Sjöberg – Guitars Joakim Öhlund – Drums What: Alternative Rock/Power Pop/Punk Why: They have signed with Lovely Records and will be releasing an EP in July. Sweet Teeth worked so hard to get a record deal so give their record a spin.Continue reading “Meet and Greet: Sweet Teeth”

Flawless Friday Video: Wanted Noise

Who doesn’t want more sunrises? Vampires maybe. Anyway . . . Wanted Noise of San Diego have the summer spirit and recorded it for the video for “More Sunrises.” It has given me an idea for what to get my boyfriend for Christmas in July – motorized cooler or a cooler to attached to scooter/skateboard.Continue reading “Flawless Friday Video: Wanted Noise”

Meet and Greet: Leanie Kaleido

Who: Singer/songwriter Leanie Kaleido of the UK. What: Kaleido has a new album, “How to Weigh a Whale Without a Scale.” It was produced by Mark Gardener of Ride. Why: You’ll find out how to weigh a whale without a scale. It would have to be worth a listen to find out mysteries of life.Continue reading “Meet and Greet: Leanie Kaleido”

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