Goal Achieved: Rock on the Range 2013

Goal Achieved: Rock on the Range 2013

We went to Rock on the Range this year!! The bands were awesome. I really loved Stone Sour even though I wasn’t sure if I knew who they were. They rocked it out!


Smashing Pumpkins and Korn were also excellent.
Apparently, I do not like mosh pits. I felt like someone was going to invade my bubble from every angle. But it was amazing to see the crowd because it was enormous and loud.

The prices were outrageous for food, beer and parking. I guess it was a trade-off to see so many bands. I would go again if I had the chance. Is it illegal to hide protein bars in my purse?

The River

judy lesko

The River

by Judy Lesko

You held me fast in a river

sweet and strong,

blind and dumb

while time passed on.

Your name my only words.

Swept away in desire’s current,

I saw what you saw

breathed when you breathed

dreamt as you dreamt.

You suddenly released me

without regret or thought.

My body surfaced again to light

cut to the bone and scarred in soul

by the sharpness of deceit

so soft, so silent.

I never knew the truth

until I watched

my blood

wash away

in the river of your lies.

Angsty poetry for Monday, part of my women’s novella now in progress.


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