Happy Birthday Harry Potter! #NaBloPoMo

It’s Harry Potter’s birthday! Go on Facebook, find someone having their birthday this week, and connect with them.


Some of my friends having birthdays this week include someone I went to high school with. There are also other people having birthdays, like my former English professor. He writes poetry. He’d been published. He’s like Dumbledore and I’m Luna.

Artists and Fans: #NaBloPoMo

Do you think artists should connect with their fans via social media or leave up the wall between performer and audience?

Personally, I think that it is the artist’s choice. If they are not comfortable with interacting with fans then they should keep it to a minimum.

I love it when I hear from people that I admire on Twitter or Facebook; however, the interactions are genuine. Who wants their favorite celebrity to act fake when they are talking you one on one? No one does. Fake is just icky.

Levi Benton of Miss May I and I.
Levi Benton of Miss May I and I.

This guy from Miss May I keeps it pretty real. He was so nice about signing my pink autograph book. He even commented on how many signatures are in it. At last count, I think there are at least 25 but I’ve had it since 1983.

Moving Sessions: #thestruggleisreal


Lunch almost didn’t happen. I could not get the stove to come on. Or the oven. Then I thought I should check the breakers. That was the trick. The breakers were off. So lunch happened without any tears.


I forgot to bring bowls so I ate my ravioli out of this pretty martini glass. Keepin’ it classy.


The furniture hasn’t made it over to the house yet. The kids were clever and used empty boxes for tables.

Now the teenager and I are going to the store to see about getting material to make no sew curtains. We’re going to have crafty time later in between moving sessions. 🙂

Maybe tomorrow I can get the Internet transferred. Every time I called yesterday, I was on hold. Who’s got time for that?

Chasing Destino’s Interview with . . . Artist Charles Thurston

If my memory is correct, I first saw the art of Charles Thurston at the Indianapolis Comic Con. I didn’t have a chance to meet him but I looked him up as soon as we got home. Ever since then, I’ve been following him on Facebook. Recently, he was selling some art in order to replace a phone. Since I was in need of a birthday present for my teenager, I asked to buy one of his watercolors. It’s really lovely.

Then I asked him a bunch of questions. He answered.

The Art of Charles Thurston
The Art of Charles Thurston

Who or what inspires you as an artist?

Growing up, it was Disney Movies and Norman Rockwell. Now, it’s still Disney but not just the movies. Im from Orlando and worked at Disney for years so the parks have always been a special source of inspiration. As well as the Pixar films. Mr. Rockwell is still awesome to me. When it comes to my own stuff, I like to say my style is whatever makes my wife and kids laugh.

 What are your favorite comic books now?

I LOVE Fables, Injustice, any of the marvel zombie books, I’ve always enjoyed the “What if” or “Elseworld” books. Anything that takes a story we already “know” and re imagines it is amazing to me.

 What did you read as a kid?

Different stuff. Mostly comics, I was BIG into TV and Movies but reading was a lot of different stuff. As I got older, after reading “Misery” I loved King. Also, I like reading series of books like the “Thursday Next” series by Jasper Ffjorde (still have 4 more to read from that) Or the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” series by Douglas Adams. When I became a Dad, it was harder to “read” stuff so audio books have been my main source of literature for the past 5 years. Favorite Audio book: “World War Z” read by a full cast. Its sooooo good.(Close 2nd: “Peter and Max” by Bill Willingham, read by Will Wheaton) Favorite actual book: “To Kill a Mockingbird” (close 2nd is “Fight Club.” I know its an odd combo but I love those books.)

 What are your long-term goals?

(anyone else just quote Say anything in their head like me?) To continue to create family friendly art. They say if you have a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life and its true.

 Have you had any interesting experiences with fans?

I’m fortunate enough that the people who know who I am have all been totally awesome to meet and been super cool.

Where can people find your work?

In my Etsy store www.etsy.com/shop/CharlesThurston and at Shows.

Have you been able to replace your phone?

YES!! #The Struggle IsREAL I was without a phone for almost a week and its crazy how dependent we are on our phones.

What is your favorite phone app?

Probably a tie between Netflix and Hulu.

 How long have you been attending comic book conventions? Either as a fan or as an artist.

I went to my first convention in high school with friends and met Neil Gaiman. I actually had no idea who he was because at the time I hadn’t read the mastery that is “Sandman.” I actually got him to sign a copy of “Death:The High Cost of Living” for me because my friends made me stand in line with them. It wasn’t until 2011 that I went to another Con and that was Megacon here in Orlando as a guest and I was hooked. I had never heard of artist alley and thought it was for me. So the next year I got a table and have had a table every year since. I started touring out of state cons last year with two local artist friends of mine. It has been wonderful and a great way to meet a lot of great people.

If We Were Having Coffee: The One Where I Lose My Mind

If we were having coffee, I would tell you

  • that we are officially moving . . . someday this month. Or next month. The day is not so official.
  • I keep trying to pack stuff. Toys are impossible. Somebody keeps getting them out again. So I have to tape and hide the boxes with toys.
  • I’ve had a few disappointments – as far as jobs, blogging and writing.
  • But also some lovely things happened too. I’ve got the keys to house for gosh sake. They’re pink. Pictures to follow later.
  • In spite of the disappointing nonsense, I’m trying to refocus. It’s been a lot of, “What are you gonna do with your life?” talk with myself. I always think of that Twisted Sister video.

We went to Warped tour. It might have been one of the best days ever. You can read about it here.


Yeah, I totally forgot to drink coffee today. I’m slipping. I don’t even know me anymore. Just kidding. I’ll be better tomorrow because there will be coffee. At the moment, I’m drinking sweet tea. It’s my other favorite drink. Shhhh . . . . don’t tell coffee.

#BeReal: Adventures at Lowes

Hasty Words (https://hastywords.wordpress.com/)  has inspired me to post a picture of what I realllllly look like. So here are some pictures of me shopping at Lowes and looking absolutely crazy.

I looked so good the other day. Then this trip to the store happened. I feel so out of place here with all of the appliances and tools. I rarely venture beyond the home organizing section and the paint section. There aren’t any shoes here, are there? I wonder if they have rain boots.

Anyway, I think I hate it here. But I think I should make friends with the worker bees. They know how to work sanders and I don’t. They have knowledge that I want to have.

I have stalked this vacuum so I know that it’s on sale. So here I am defending my territory.


No wonder no one wanted to wait on me or fight me for the last vacuum.  I could probably turn them to stone with my Medusa-like hair and red eyes. My eyes are really greenish but who is going to notice?


Still waiting. It’s been more than ten minutes since I’ve seen a worker bee. Oh wait. There might be one over there!!


No. Foiled again. I’m ready for a nap.


Yay! Finally an angel of mercy has come to rescue me!! I mean . . . the manager came over to assist me with my purchase. He has saved me from making myself look like a jerk by rolling the vacuum up and down the aisle.Seriously, I was moments away from doing just that very thing.

I tweeted about it and Lowes Customer Care noticed. They said he gets a present for being real. Plus a gold star on his record. It’s totally going in his personnel file.

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