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A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life



Happy Father’s Day?


Kate @ http://didthatjusthappenblog.wordpress.com/ and I have been discussing Father’s Day for a couple days. I’ve been planning to boycott Father’s Day again. I’m still not talking to my father. I had a good childhood and I’m okay with the rest. Two of my kids celebrate with their father and I don’t have to be involved in that.
However, I did write an article for Yahoo Voices about celebrity fathers who have adopted children. There are some good fathers out there with some lucky kids. There are also some mom’s who are mother and father. (And I’m sure there are some dad’s who are also mom and dad.) Happy Father’s Day to you all.

If you want to see the article, here is the link: http://voices.yahoo.com/happy-fathers-day-celebrity-dads-adopted-12675426.html?cat=25

NaBloPoMo: Colossus Mounds Bar

Which food makes you feel happy when you eat it?

I’m the happiest girl on the planet when I can have a Mounds Bar. I love chocolate. I love coconut. It’s the perfect combination. If only Mounds could be bigger. Yes, they do come in king size.
Is there a size bigger than that? If so, that is what I want – a Colossus Mounds Bar. Marvel could even sponsor the Colossus Mounds Bar and put a picture of Colossus on it.
No need to thank me. I’m just trying to do my part and pay it forward with a delicious idea. (Please note that there is some sarcasm here. And a bit of truth.)


Futures Past: Daily Post


As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?

When I was a kid, there were three things that I wanted to be. Originally, I wanted to be a ballerina. However, I developed some physical problems. If I had been really dedicated to ballet, I would have had to have surgery to fix the problems. I was not that dedicated. In the last year, I have considered the surgery again but it doesn’t seem like the best option.
For several years of my childhood, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I drew all kinds of sketches with my Mr. Sketch scented markers. In hindsight, I should have been drawing with colored pencils. Are there any pencils that smell like strawberries? Do you think Tim Gunn would approve?

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a journalist. The word journalism was even engraved on my class ring. Where is that ring now? I have no idea.
So of the three careers, I’m probably closest to journalism because I’ve been writing this blog for a minute. My real life job is a nurse’s aide so if you consider that job, I am way off track.

press pass

Just for fun, here is a picture of one of my first recitals. You’re welcome.

Please don't judge me. :) Thanks!
Please don’t judge me. 🙂 Thanks!


Destino’s Interview with . . . Lydia Can’t Breathe


Recently, I had an interview with Kyle Bolduc, the singer for Lydia Can’t Breathe. He also plays the guitar. Lydia Can’t Breathe is a metal band but they are difficult to categorize. I think they play a little something for everyone.
They will definitely be going on tour this summer. Their band’s website is http://lydiacantbreathe.com/ if you want to check out their videos and tour dates.

So you’re in Detroit tonight?
We just got to Harpo’s. Lot of big bands and a Lot of history at this place in general.
They tell you not to cross the bridge or whatever.

I read that you guys just played at Al-Rosa Villa in Columbus? How was your experience there?

My aunt lives there. We played there a week ago. It was a really good show. A good turnout. The crowd was really responsive. It’s famous for a bad reason obviously but it’s a good venue.

What or who inspired the band’s name?
Actually, the movie “Beetlejuice.” We’re big movie buffs. Lydia Deets is Wynona Ryder’s character in the movie. And we were just watching the movie with the guitar player, Dan. We were watching movie – trying to get something started. We had to come up with a band name because we had a show in a week. Dan was freaking out because we were wasted. He was like “I can’t breathe.” He started having a panic attack or something. When he came to, then something happened on the TV and I said “Lydia Can’t Breathe man.” Then I said “Dude – that should be the band name.” So that’s pretty much how we came up with it.

Have you played in Colorado since marijuana was legalized?
I have. Not recreational but when it was . . . We’ve been to a couple of the hookah shops. We’ve played there and had a good ol’ time. We definitely love going there. Everybody smokes out. We’re a big stoner band and we love that place. It’s our favorite place honestly.
We went out with Otep. We also went out with Mushroomhead last year as well. They have shops. If you sign up for a day pass, you can just go to the shops. They’re like coffee shops. They have this place called The Lazy Lion. It’s ridiculous. We enjoy going there. It’s in Colorado Springs. Every time we go there, we go there and hang out. We know the guy that owns it.
We haven’t been there since people can get it all of the time.

How did you guys meet? You’re all from Florida, right?
Yeah, We were all based out of Florida. Me and Dan have been friends since high school. (Dan Wilson is the other guitar player.) We originally started the project. Then we found our drummer, Josh Runfeldt, two or three years into the project. We played for five years with another bass player. Then about a year and a half ago, we switched out our bass player. We got a friend, Shawn,that was in another band from the area where we’re from. We’d always known him and played shows with him. His band was breaking up at the time and our bass player quit. So we were like “Hey man, do you wanna come play with us?” So that’s when Shawn Goree joined the band.

Did you have any mentors or teachers that influenced you?
Yeah, I actually took lessons from Paul Chapman, he used to be in the UFO’s, an eighty metal band. He taught me a lot of that I know. Then I also took lessons from a Berkley graduate, this guy named Michael Leisure. I think he might have been a Berkley professor. But he wasn’t at the time that he was giving me lessons. He just moved to Florida. And I linked up with him. He taught me a lot of stuff. And I just took it from there.

Are you still hands-on when setting up or tearing down the equipment?
Yeah, we do. We have two techs too. We have a merch guy and a light and production guy as well. Most of our rigs, We still do a lot of loading and unloading. We don’t have the budget for a whole crew.

The Merch guys are my best friends.
You gotta have someone cool. If the guys a jerk to people, you’re not gonna sell any merch. Merch is like ½ of it. You rely on the guarantees for gas and stuff. It’s literally the merch. If you kill it on the merch, that’s when you start seeing a profit.

What’s your day job?
I’m touring and I’m also a sound guy. I have a sound and light company. It’s called Bifym Sound. (http://www.bifym.com/) It’s based out of central Florida. It’s me and the guy that comes on the road. Actually, both of the guys that come on the road work with me. Then I have another partner, Brendon Keith. He’s my partner at Spinnit Records. (http://www.spinnitrecords.com/)

Is there anyone you’d like to see in concert?
I’d like to see the Beatles but that probably is not gonna happen. It would have been amazing to see the Beatles. I got to see Stevie Wonder play piano. Me and my drummer got to see him play. I was like “Oh my gosh, we’re never forget this.” It was crazy.

What do you guys do during downtime?

We watch movies. Our drummer is the only one that is more of a drinker. We try to hang out with fans and see family in the area. Always gotta score food and make sure we get to the venue on time. That’s the most important thing.
I’ve seen “Godzilla” on this tour. Me, my drummer, Waylon, Fitch and Jeffrey Nothing from Mushroomhead went to see Godzilla. We’re supposed to go see the new X-Men movie tomorrow during the day. I heard it was awesome.

Have you seen Captain America?
Yeah, it was really good. It was amazing.

Roth or Hagar?
I’m gonna have to go with Roth. Hagar is good but I just gotta go with the original guy.

Check out their videos too! I look forward to seeing them in concert very soon. Hopefully, there will be time for some selfies with the band. I didn’t tell Kyle that I am Wynona Ryder’s twin. It should be interesting.

Trick Questions: Daily Post


A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece – about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

1. What is your most shameful, humiliating moment?

2. How is your relationship with your father?

3. Besides oatmeal creme pies, what is your weakness?

I hope you don’t really want me to answer these questions.


Domestic abuse of men


Men can be victims of domestic abuse. It is under-reported because there is still a stigma àttached. Men don’t want to admit that their partners, male or female, have physically, verbally or emotionally abused them. They might think it makes them look weak. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one out of fourteen men have been assaulted by their spouse, domestic partner or boyfriend/girlfriend.

The CDC National Survey in 2010 results say that the percentage of male victims of severe domestic violence is 40 %.

MenWeb (www.batteredmen.com) is a website with many resources and articles about domestic violence against men.

Anyone that needs help can call the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women (1-888-7HELPLINE).

One of the signs of an abusive relationship is isolation. The abuser will isolate the victims from anyone who might help the victim. If the abuser feel threatened by the victim’s family, they will not hesitate to keep the family away. They will use any excuse and even lie about why the victim shouldn’t be with their family or friends. I have an acquaintance going through this right now. I hope he realizes what is happening. I don’t think he sees it yet. His mind has been warped by this abuser. His family would like to have a relationship with him. They haven’t given up although it has been a difficult time.

I have included links to several sites. If you know anyone in a domestic violence situation, please don’t hesitate to try to help. Thanks!


Battered Men. Menweb

Abuse and Relationships. Isolation


Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women (1-888-7HELPLINE)

Corn : NaBloPoMo

Favorite summer food

What is your favorite summer food?

Personally, I am a big fan of corn on the cob. I don’t even need the holders. When I was a little girl, I learned how to shuck the corn. My grandma would buy corn by the barrel when she had guests. No one ever went hungry at her house. So we had to pitch in and shuck the corn and clean it. My grandma had a specific brush for cleaning the corn. She used a brush meant for cleaning pots and pans. It worked though. We didn’t have to spend all day getting the silk off of the corn. Any brush similar to this will work for cleaning the corn. I would rather shuck corn than peel potatoes any day.
The runner-up for favorite summer food is watermelon.


Corn from grillmaster boyfriend Corn from grillmaster boyfriend

Religious Services: NaBloPoMo


Do you like attending religious services?

I’m at what they call a C&Eer. I like to go to church on Christmas & Easter. Why don’t I go any other time? I’m not really sure. When I say I’m not sure, I mean I’m not sure what denomination I am anymore. According to the Internet quizzes, I’m a Quaker. Or maybe it was a Shaker.
Regardless, I haven’t found my religion. That reminds me of the REM Song “Losing My Religion,” which doesn’t mean what we think it means. It means “at wit’s end,” with something. I think I might be losing my religion in a general sense. Or I just might need a vacation in a serious way.
Although I don’t go to church, I do like Gospel music and movies about church choirs. I love “Sister Act” – I & II. There is a movie, “The Fighting Temptations,” with Beyonce and Cuba Gooding, Jr. that has a good soundtrack. The movie is ok but the music makes it worth watching. It’s the closest that I’ve come to going to church, unless having a conversation with a nun counts.