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It looks like something from a Sci-Fi movie. In real life, it’s a brewery.

WPC: Out of This World

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Rubblebucket



This morning, there were some Tiny Desk concerts on YouTube waiting for someone to watch them. You can find some really great musicians that way.

Anyway, this morning I clicked on the Rubblebucket video. I loved them right away. So of course, there were about 20 minutes spent on finding out everything about Rubblebucket on the internet.

I found out two important things. #1. They have a new album out called If U C My Enemies. #2. The aforementioned album is awesome!

Why do I love this album? Their music is a combination of things that aren’t always great separately but together are pretty awesome.

Their lead singer, Kalmia Traver, has a great voice and boundless energy. Rubblebucket also has a horn section, a synthesizer and a drum squad. Are they a marching band? Are they a ska band? Not exactly but then again there are hints of being a ska marching band. Their sound is a little more like 80s disco than most marching bands but in a good way.

The first song on the album is “Donna.” It sounds like it could’ve been a Donna Summer song.  The album is short with only four songs. It’s still worth a listen.



The band members include:

Kalmia Traver – lead vocals/baritone saxophone
Alex Toth – trumpet/vox
Dandy McDowell – bass
Maddie Rice – guitar
Adam Dotson – trombone

additional players:
Jacob Bergson – synths
Jeremy Phipps – sometimes trombone

drum squad:
jeremy gustin, ian chang, max jaffe


Rubblebucket Tiny Desk Concert

Rubblebucket website

Rubblebucket on Spotify

Interview with . . . Bumpin Uglies


It took me at least 15 minutes to quit laughing about the Bumpin Uglies’ name. Then someone would ask me who I was listening to and the giggling would start all over again.

However, this is a band that you should know.


Brandon Hardesty, guitarist/vocalist for Bumpin Uglies, replied to a few questions so that you could get to know more about the band.


How did you decide on the name? ( I don’t normally ask this but it cracks me up. Genuinely curious.)

Me and my buddy were twenty-one when we started the band and we wanted something funny and memorable. We liked it cause it was a double entendre. If I’d know I’d still be doing this a decade later, we would’ve come up with something a little more respectable, haha.



Do you ever get tired of touring?

It can be exhausting, for sure, but I love seeing the growth and the reaction from the fans. I don’t get tired of playing shows, but thats only 90 minutes of the day. The other 22 hours and 30 minutes can get draining after a while.


What do you do in your time off?

I like to read and write. PUBG on Xbox One with friends. Running with my dog and try to stay in shape.


Where would you like to do a show?

England or Ireland.


Is there anywhere that you haven’t been yet?

Pretty much everywhere out side of the continental United States.


Where was your first show?

Potbelly Sandwhich shop in Annapolis.


Do you have any pets? If so, do they go on the road?

Yes, Stan the Dingo! He does not come on the road because he would cease to be my pet and would begin his live as a wild dog in whatever town we were misfortunate enough to lose him in.


Have you ever unfollowed anyone on social media that you also know in real life?




Where’s the best place to eat in Annapolis?

Middleton’s Tavern in downtown Annapolis has great seafood! Thai Kitchen on west street has some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had. Taquerila Jaquilita in Hillsmere is my taco spot, but they only accept cash so be prepared. Stan & Joes or Ebb Tide for wings. Rocco’s for pizza. I love food.


Who came up with the idea for the Pickle Rick/Bumpin Uglies pins?

I have no idea what you’re talking about, that pin is based off of a normal run-of-the-mill pickle.

Do you watch Sugarshack Sessions? Any favorite sessions?

Yeah, they do a great job over there. I really dig Leilani Wolfgramm’s sessions. She’s one of my favorite songwriters in this genre. Would love to see them get The Skints in there sometime as well.


Bumpin Ugles on Facebook

I Want to Be Well: #bookreview


I Wanna Be Well: How a Punk Found Peace and You Can Too was not a book that I had planned on reading. Yet, when someone told me about this book last week, it moved to the top of the reading list.

I was curious to see what lessons Miguel Chen could teach about inner peace. Would readers be able to understand? Is he going to blow smoke up our asses?

The lessons about meditation are easy to understand. It would also be easy to go back and reread whatever lesson that you wanted to work on for the day.

Chen definitely did not try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. He was very honest about what worked for him and also talked about different things that people could do to have success with meditation and yoga.

Chen has a great sense of humor. It seems like he can relate to people and vice versa. There was cursing, which does not offend me personally. It’s just the way that he talks. So if you’re a prude and easily offended, you may not like the cursing. If you can get past the cursing, then you may benefit from what he is trying to teach about meditation.

There is a section about not being able to move forward because you are dreaming about finding a time machine. This part really struck a chord with me. I’m always wishing for a time machine. However, this is probably keeping me from living in the present.

If you’re interested in beginning meditation or yoga, then this book is a good place to start. I Wanna Be Well can be found at the following links.


I Wanna Be Well on Amazon

I Wanna Be Well on Wisdom Publications

Miguel Chen on Twitter

Blossom Yoga Studio website


  • I received a copy of the book in exchange for a review. All opinions are mine. Obviously.

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Kat Wright




Kat Wright’s album, By My Side, came out in 2016. She’s still touring so that means there’s a chance for a second album. I look forward to hearing how she’s grown as an artist. She was participating in Jam Cruise 16. There have to be some interesting stories from that experience.

I’m sure that she gets compared to Amy Winehouse every day. Although, her look and the music are retro, Kat is not Amy. She’s got her own sound. Hopefully, Kat’s voice doesn’t get lost in the midst of comparisons.


Things that I like about this album:

  1. The horn section. Actually, the whole band is awesome.
  2. It has an old school feel to it but still sounds stylish.
  3. Kat’s voice.
  4. Favorite songs: All about You. Who’s Your Fool?


Iffy things about this album:

  1.  The song, “You’ve got Problems,” is a bit repetitious.
  2. That’s all.


Links :

Kat Wright’s website

Kat Wright on Facebook

Kat Wright video on YouTube