Sleep Deprived Music Review: Joan of Arc

  My boyfriend says that I like some weird music.  The band, Joan of Arc, is kind of weird. It’s ok. We like weird. Manny Pacquimeow is not so sure about this album. He’s meowing at me. He might be ready for me to change the music. Or he’s hungry and wants food even though hisContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Joan of Arc”

Interview with . . . Paris Monster

      Oh my glob you guys. I love Paris Monster! They were going to be within driving distance of my house in June but instead, they are going to Europe. No one could blame them. Anyone would pick Europe over Ohio. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time to get my passport to follow themContinue reading “Interview with . . . Paris Monster”

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Prom Queen

Prom Queen seems like such a sweet band on the outside. They look innocent. They sound a bit like the Ronettes or the Shirelles. It reminds me of that song by Tracey Ullman, “They Don’t Know.” Do you guys remember that song? It came out in the 1983 so some of you weren’t born yet. However,Continue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Prom Queen”

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Marc Broussard

  I spent at least half of 2017 listening to Marc Broussard. He did an album of covers called S.O.S. 2. Half of the proceeds went to City of Refuge, a charitable organization in Atlanta. Broussard also did another album, Easy to Love, that was released in 2017. I think this album is as easy toContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Marc Broussard”

Interview with . . . Smile Empty Soul

  Who can resist a band that is little brooding and mysterious? Not me. If you haven’t heard of Smile Empty Soul, you should Google them immediately. However, I did include the links to some of their sites at the bottom to save you a few steps. Sean Danielson of Smile Empty Soul responded toContinue reading “Interview with . . . Smile Empty Soul”

Sleep Deprived Music Spotlight: Izik

Right now, I should be doing a ton of other things – other music reviews, finishing about five books, figuring out the summer schedule for the kids. However, I cannot stop watching YouTube videos featuring Izik. His voice is spectacular. I don’t use that word often. Spectacular doesn’t always fit. Not everyone is spectacular. SomeContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Spotlight: Izik”

Confessions of the Fox: #bookreview

  When I started reading Confessions of the Fox by Jordy Rosenberg, my first thought was “Why are there so many footnotes? Soooo many footnotes.” I haven’t seen so many footnotes since my college literature classes. There were at least five footnotes that just said “Pussy.” It didn’t take long to realize that most ofContinue reading “Confessions of the Fox: #bookreview”

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Anju

    It’s raining today – a perfect day for listening to Anju and drinking coffee or possibly tea. Many years ago, one of my friends told me that I liked music with people playing guitars who are probably sitting under a tree. It’s not untrue. Anju may or may not be playing her musicContinue reading “Sleep Deprived Music Review: Anju”

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