Blogtember: Something Old

Blogtember: Something Old

I love this bell. It was part of my grandma’s collection. Now it’s in my collection. Someday it will belong to one of my daughters.
I don’t have a lot of things from my grandma. I do have memories of a great childhood. The bell is just a reminder of good times and good food.

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Letter to The Underground from the Sound Guys Girlfriend


Dear Underground,

I will miss  you so much. Maybe you didn’t think I would because I hang out in the sound booth. I have heard so many awesome bands, as well as several awful bands. 

There have been countless friendships that started within your walls. 

I met my boyfriend, the sound guy, because I wanted to see a Days of the New show. He happened to be selling tickets. So almost five years later, we are still hanging out to watch the bands play.
There is always something to see at this bar. I have seen the following things: crowd surfing, old guys that still rock, young guys who have just started to rock, groupies, kids at their first concert, guys who have serious meltdowns on stage, Hal Sparks wrapping his own guitar cords, numerous
fights and just as many public displays of affection, all sorts of clothing, tattoos, hair and body-piercings. Let’s not forget all of the body parts on display.
I may have been still new to the crowd, even after five years. However, I will really miss everybody. It is really the end of hearing live music in my hometown.

Some awesome bands/solo acts: (These are just a few. There are too many to list in one post)
Russett Burbank:
Ignite the Borealis:
Mike Risner:

Karl, the original drummer for Russett Burbank, was there in spirit on the last night of the bar being open. It is fitting because he had been a huge part of the scene. I had chills the whole time his band played their last set. I did not have the chance to meet him in person but I’m positive that he still keeps an eye on the band and other friends.

The Sound Guys Girlfriend

P.S. Bands should always aim to get the Sound Guys Girlfriend to put down her phone and rock out. 🙂 Just sayin’. Most of the girlfriends of sound guys are huge fans of music and know the difference between the good, bad and the ugly.


Breast Cancer Benefit Fashion Show: taking pictures for a good cause.

Foundation for Firelands. Fashion Week












The proceeds from the Foundation for Firelands fashion show benefit cancer patients who cannot afford necessities like food, prescriptions and gas to get to medical appointments. So I was so honored that they let me come take pictures for my class photography assignment. It was a great event for a wonderful cause.

Blogtember: Mistake


I have made too many mistakes to list. Once I took Nyquil during the day and proceeded to sleep all day. Then I was awake when I should have been sleeping.

Some of my major mistakes stem from making the mistake of dating the same guy twice. Everyone should remember that an ex is an ex for a reason. Although loneliness is terrible, so is the second round of a toxic relationship. I wish that I had worked on different things that could cure loneliness.

Here are some ideas for fighting loneliness:

1. Take a yoga class.

2. Visit more open-mic nights.

3. Get off of the computer and meet real people – even if it’s for an  hour. It counts if you use the computer to set up a meeting time.

4. Volunteer for any local or national organization (i.e. Habitat for Humanity)  

5. Birdwatching is the cool thing to do. There are rules. For example, do not scare the birds away by laughing too loud. The birdwatchers really frown upon things like that. Trust me.

6. Embrace your alone time by writing – music, poetry, blog entries, etc. Art and photography are also great solo activities.

7. Road trip!! Exploring different locations is one of my favorite things. Hey, Dora the Explorer is hardly ever lonely. And her best friend is a monkey. How awesome is that? 😉

Loneliness can be turned into something productive. Don’t panic! It will not last forever.


Girl & Lanterns



I have a friend who runs a photo challenge blog –

Any photographers out there who are looking for challenges to keep the creativity going should check it out.

This is my entry for “G”  It was taken today at Wollman Rink in NYC.  Today is International Day of Peace  and floating lanterns were set out over the water with prayers, good thoughts, and wishes for the world.

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