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Who Do You Trust? #NaBloPoMo

Do you have people whose opinion  you trust implicitly?


In real life, I trust about ten people. In the internet world, there are maybe five bloggers that I trust.

When it involves babysitting, there are about three people on the list – who are already on the top ten list.

I used to trust everybody. I thought that everyone told the truth. Trusting people didn’t work out so well.People lie all of the time.

Even my kids lie when asked about the whereabouts of my tweezers. The tweezers reappeared yesterday after a few weeks of asking who has the tweezers. They were under a set of shelves.  It wasn’t who the child that I thought would steal my tweezers.

So here we are . . . a regular Debbie Doubter with out of control eyebrows.


Donnie & Marie: #NaBloPoMo

What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little?

One of my friends had Donnie & Marie dolls. I thought they were so cool. Well, I thought Donnie was cool anyway. I’m not convinced that the Marie doll was cool.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a huge crush on Donnie Osmond. It’s totally ridiculous. I know.

I wished that I could have had a Donnie Osmond doll of my very own. The Donnie Osmond doll was one of the best things about going over to my friend’s house.

It seems like their clothes were not cool. They had bright purple and pink outfits. Matching, of course.  Almost everything about Donnie and Marie matched. If I had my own Donnie Osmond doll, I would have given him some of my Ken doll’s hand-me-downs.

However, I didn’t really want a Marie doll. It’s probably because I didn’t want to be Marie. That would be weird. There would be no pretend kissing if I was Marie. I’d have to send her over to hang out with my Brooke Shields doll to share haircare tips. The Brooke Shields doll had the worst hair so maybe Marie could help her out.





Holley Goes to Hogwarts


Which house would you be in at Hogwarts and why?

Gryffindor.The sorting hat said so and it is never, ever wrong.

However, I don’t think of myself as brave or daring. I’ve probably got some nerve doubting the sorting hat. Anyway . . . I accept the decision.

Although, I did think that I would be in Hufflepuff. It could’ve been fun. I imagine that there would be a lot of studying, cupcakes and tea. I don’t really know if there would be cupcakes.I picture Hufflepuffs making a lot of baked goods

The Hufflepuff mascot is a badger, which reminds me of a honey badger. I can relate to the honey badger. Honey badgers don’t give a darn. I can’t remember what they don’t care about but they don’t care.

I also relate to Luna Lovegood, who was in Ravenclaw. I might not be not motivated enough to be in Ravenclaw or ambitious enough to be in Slytherin. There’s that honey badger attitude of not giving a darn again.

This is the link to the personality quiz with the sorting hat.


Fall Wish List: #NaBloPoMo

Fall Wish List

Kick out the back-to-school fashion show on your blog: show us what you’re wearing as we head into fall (or spring if you live in the Southern Hemisphere).

I’m not wearing any of it but I would like to wear all of it.

Tips for Starting the Day: #NaBloPoMo

What are some of your best tips for getting your day off to a good start?

1. Drink coffee immediately.

2. Say what you mean. I was going to edit my curse words but I decided to just say them so everyone knows what I mean.

3. Don’t be a asshole to your kids. Or your pets. Or co-workers. Karma is a real thing. There are plenty of people out there who are assholes. Try not to be one of them. I tell myself this every morning. “Holley, don’t be an asshole.”

3. Do something just for you. I buy myself gum and I don’t share. Ok. Sometimes I share but I have to really, really like you. 

4. Try to stay positive. Listen to happy music. Think about something like kittens or baby pigs. I think about unicorns, fart jokes or a combination. It helps me get through the day.


School has Come Back to Life

It’s back-to-school time: do you love the start of school or dread it?

Loves her Batman backpack

I thought that I would be so happy to see my kids go off to school. I dreamed about all of the things I would do with my free time. It was going to be glorious.

I can go shopping by myself again but I’m broke after all of the moving. Who is broke after all of the back to school shopping? There will be no shopping today for many of us. I did a u-turn in the Dollar Store parking lot. It’s the best I can do today.

When I dropped of the youngest kid at school, I drove around the block and parked across the street. There were no open spaces in the parking lot. All of the parents had the same idea – hovering and stalking their children.

It was my youngest kid’s first day at a brand new school. I wanted to make sure she didn’t get lost. I also wanted to see that she wasn’t a hot mess like me. I peeked in on her classroom. She was perfectly fine. No tears or anything. She did so much better at not crying than I did today.

Back to School Again. . .

Did you like returning to school at the end of summer, or did you always dread the start of the year?

I didn’t really want to go back to school. There were people there – not to mention gym and recess. People and the outdoors were not my thing back then. They may not be my thing now. I like people slightly more than I did 30 years ago. Summertime was so much better than going to school. Vacations are like that I guess.

Oh summer, why can’t you last forever?! I always the laying out in the sun reading books. The swimming. The sleeping in til ten or noon or whenever.


However, I did like school supplies. I still like them but now I call them “office supplies.” It sounds so grown-up. Wait. What do you mean I am a grown-up? When did that happen?

Anyway, I’ll be over here getting my kids ready to go back to school. They probably will have the same thoughts about going back to school too – like mother like daughters, except the one that does have good social skills. She actually likes going to school. Go figure.

Enjoy this video from “Grease 2.” I know, it’s not a great movie but the song is pretty good. Maybe it will get us all psyched up for going back to school. Or just watch how lovely Maxwell Caulfield looks pre-Rex Manning.

When You Know a Celebrity is a Jackass: #NaBloPoMo

Do you think knowledge is power?


Absolutely! Knowledge is power.

My mom tells me all of the time, “When you know better, you do better.” Or was it Oprah?

Yesterday, I discovered information that I did not know. Part of the reason that I didn’t know what that it happened pre-Internet in 1991.At the time, my parents didn’t have cable either. I missed out on a lot of news back then.

I did not know that Dr. Dre was abusive towards women. He beat women. He beat women in public. He apologized two days ago. Two days. It took him 24 years to apologize.

When I found out I felt a little sick to my stomach. I felt like I had been slapped in the face. Here is someone that was so influential musically, while I was in high school and college and now I know that he is not as great as everyone thinks. It’s really disappointing.

On top of all that, since I had my first daughter in 2001, I have really been rethinking the attitude towards women in rap. There’s that idea that women are bitches and hos. It’s not a new idea. It’s still around though. The fact that the attitude hasn’t changed is also disappointing.

I haven’t bought a rap CD in a really long time. I don’t think I have to give money or my support as a fan to people that think women are bitches and hos.

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to buy Dr. Dre’s newest CD or see “Straight Outta Compton.” It’s not as if he’s really going to miss my $20. It’s all about principle. I don’t really want to be a fan of somebody that has to resort to violence to win the argument.



How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?


There are two ways that I know that it’s time for me to unplug. The first way is that my kids and boyfriend have asked me three, four or five hundred times for something like lunch or Starbucks or some really important question about bills. No, I haven’t seen your tablet or crayons. If your shoes or jar of pencils aren’t on the Pinterest, I haven’t seen them.

Then I realize that I have to pull myself away from all of the craziness on the Internet and focus on the craziness going on in my house. Trust me, there is plenty of hijinks going on here to keep me entertained for awhile.

The second way is that I feel like I have run out of ideas. I’ve spent hours staring at different social media sites. I have nothing else original to say about anything and my eyes hurt.

This month, I have been unplugged more than I like to be. It wasn’t so bad. It might have even been kind of nice. I feel like I really talked to people and had some good ideas. I went camping . . . outside . . . in a tent. Twice. I don’t think I’ve been camping at all in the last two years.

I knew that it was going to be a busy month so I scheduled a lot of posts ahead of time. Social media can wait until I’m not busy, right? As far as I know, Twitter and Pinterest will still be there when I need to plug in again.

If I can’t stand to look at Twitter for the millionth time, then I try to do laundry. I’d rather be reading but everyone likes having clean clothes, right? Right now, I’m being distracted by looking for a new DIY laundry detergent recipe on Pinterest. The Internet is so distracting. Toooo distracting.

By the time I finish being distracted, it’s probably time for someone – I always hope it’s not me – to make dinner anyway. Darn it. I should’ve looked for recipes while I was on Pinterest. Anyway, I’ll figure it out. I don’t want to get sucked into the vortex that is the Internet again.