Dance Dance

If I was going to be a dancer on “Glee” or on Broadway, I would like to have these clothes and accessories. Actually, I would just like to have them to dance around the house. It would be spectacular to twirl into the kitchen with the skirt and the shoes. It would be worth doing the dishes if I could wear something sassy.


This is a link to my post about becoming a cast member on “Glee.”

Wildfox blue top
$345 –

Ballet Beautiful black velvet top
$230 –

Ballet beautiful

Activewear pants
$26 –

White pants

Cut out pumps

Colorful tote

Kate Spade tech accessory

Tech accessory

Cast Member: NaBloPoMo


If you could be a cast member on any television show, which one would it be? Tell us about your character.

There are so many shows that I enjoy – “The Walking Dead,” “Game of Thrones,” “Hell on Wheels.” We can’t forget about “Orange is the New Black” or “Drunk History.”

So the show that I would love to be a cast member of is “Glee.” I think that I could play a quiet, unassuming librarian named Antoinette McQueen. Antoinette has dreams too. She wants to dance on Broadway before she gets too old.  She can’t sing but she’s got the moves.

Antoinette feels like she got sidetracked by real life in Ohio and wants another shot at Broadway.




Bloggy Future: NaBloPoMo

Where do you see your blog in one year? Five years?

In one year, I would like to be still be doing interesting posts. In five years, world domination. Just kidding. World domination would involve too much scheming and planning. I might not be dedicated enough for all of that stress. It would be nice to have a world domination dress.

However, if my blog was read by more people that would be awesome. I would like to still do interviews and be published on Huffington Post once or twice.

More photographs, more concerts, more comic book conventions. I’ll make it work until I can’t see the computer screen or the keyboard anymore.

MRI: How to Stay Still for 30 minutes


This morning I had an MRI done on my knee. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The MRI is supposed to show things that an X-ray probably won’t show – like arthritis or a torn ligament. It was my first MRI and hopefully my last.

It was a relatively pleasant experience. They let me choose what music that I wanted to listen to. I chose Pink because . . . well, why not?

Apparently, people freak out because they are basically stuck in a small tube for a half hour. It’s a claustrophobic moment for some people.

The only problem that I had was staying still for that long. At about the five minute mark, I had to cough. I tried to do it quickly. You know how coughs are. They always present themselves at the worst time. This would be one of those times. It wasn’t as bad as that one time I had a coughing fit at a funeral. Soooo embarrassing.

Then my other leg started to feel like jelly. Maybe I was trying too hard to not move. I was waiting for the nurse to tell me to quit moving. Was I just imagining all of the movement that was going on in my body?

I must have been dreaming because no one complained.

I’m pretty sure I can’t do this yet.