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New year New Interview: Shattered


Metal band Shattered of Tampa has taken a break from thrashing so that they could answer a few questions for the last segment of new year interview. Welcome Shattered to the blog!

What was the best thing to happen in 2019?

I joined Shattered as lead guitar.

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

To alot of kick ass shows with my brothers and our upcoming album.

Where was your first concert as a fan? As a performer?

As a performer.  in ybor seeing slayer. in a tiny bar playing guitar for a thrash band.

Do you think that there’s an alternate reality? If so, what is the alternate you doing?

there is tons of different realities, and my doppelganger probably isn’t having as much fun as I am.

New Year’s Resolutions. Yay or Nay?


What have been the best musical holiday moments in your life?

Went to slayers farewell show with my high school friends we first seen them together and we went to the last show together.

Favorite holiday song?


Least favorite holiday song?

All of them lol.

What do you want people to know about your music?

The music is for everyone to take something different away we all come from some place different and something mean different for everyone.

Shattered on Facebook

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Aspherium


If you need some progressive death metal to inspire you, may I suggest Aspherium’s latest album, “The Embers of Eternity.” The album would be appropriate to play to get pumped up for battle – you know, if we were Vikings. Maybe you have your own battle that you need to fight.

Aspherium is a progressive death metal band from Norway. They might even be descendants of Vikings.

I have been watching a lot of documentaries and fictional shows about Vikings. So it seems fitting to finally do this review of Aspherium. The post has been waiting in the wings for their time to be revealed.

You could say that today they have conquered all of the other blog posts. If I could, I would listen to this album while on a horse in a live action role playing game. I would make sure that “As We Walk Through Ashes” is playing at some point. It’s my favorite song on the album.

Maybe just seeing the band live would be sufficient. It’s probably easier than finding a horse that wants to be a nerd. I read somewhere that the band is into gaming. What are the chances that they would do a concert for a live action role playing tournament?

Band Members:

Marius Skarsem Pedersen: Guitars/Vocals,
Bjørn Tore Erlandsen: Drums,
Torgeir Lyby Pettersen: Bass,
Morten Nielsen: Guitars




New Year New Interview: Second Wind

If you a fan of heavy metal and are in search of a new band, then I suggest Second Wind. Dane Pope and Brad Johnson of Chicago are ready to bring melodic hardcore metal to living rooms around the world.

Check out the following interview to learn more about Second Wind.

Second Wind

What was the best thing to happen in 2019? 

Dane: Recording our first EP is definitely up there. It has been a labor of love and we are so excited to show the world. 

Brad: Getting our band off the ground! Second Wind has been brewing in the background since March 2018, so it’s been a long wait to get our first tunes out there. So far the reception has been positive, and we are so grateful for that.

What are you looking forward to in 2020? 

Dane: Releasing the EP for sure. Getting our momentum up and building an amazing fan base! (Which has already begun) 

Brad: The release of our debut EP. At five songs total, we are simply pumped to get anything out there. At the same time, a lot of personal energy and focus has been put into these songs, and we’ll be excited to begin playing shows as soon as possible. 

Where was your first concert as a fan? As a performer? 

Dane: First concert ever was Lincoln Park, P.O.D., and Hoobastank at the Allstate Arena when I was like 11. It was amazing. As a performer it was with my first serious band Imminent Downfall at a bar in Addison, IL at like 16 years old. 

Brad: Amazing question! As a fan, my first concert ever I think was As I Lay Dying at Taste of Chaos. I saw a few other bands but they were the main act I was interested in. As a performer, my first show was with my old high school band in a tiny coffeeshop in Aurora, IL. How far things have come since then! 

Do you think that there’s an alternate reality? If so, what is the alternate you doing? 

Dane: If there is one the alternate me is probably doing something more sensible than following dreams but what’s the fun in that? 

Brad: Personally I don’t think so. Without getting too much into detail, I think there are already enough crazy things happening on this planet alone that I can hardly imagine it happening elsewhere. I think there’s definitely truth to be uncovered here on this Earth, but I don’t think it extends beyond our terrestrial microcosm. So my one life here is the only one I’m living. 🙂

New Year’s Resolutions. Yay or Nay? 

Dane: Not really. Been keeping my goals on a steady timeline the last couple years and not focusing on a big once a year resolution. I personally like to hit a bunch of smaller goals throughout the year.

Brad: I used to be super into them! Along the way, especially as I got older, I realized you don’t need to wait ‘til the new year drops to start setting and achieving goals. So I’m more of a year-round resolutions kind of guy. 

What have been the best musical holiday moments in your life?

Dane: When August Burns Red put their holiday songs on a full album is a great one. 

Brad: Hmm, interesting question. My wife just discovered Manowar has a Silent Night cover that is sick, so that has been great jamming to! 

Favorite holiday song? 

Dane: Flurries by August Burns Red. It very much captures the holidays for me without being a traditional song that I’ve heard a million times, a million different ways.

Brad: Ahh, that’s so hard to pick. August Burns Red’s Christmas album, Sleddin’ Hill, is phenomenal. They capture any song so well! 

Least favorite holiday song? 

Dane: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. I feel like every year it gets played more and more and it’s a bit much for me.

Brad: Last Christmas” by Wham! would be my least favorite. It’s a decent song in its own right I guess, but I’ve heard it God knows how many times. It gets so annoying haha. 

What do you want people to know about your music? 

Dane: That we are about connection. Hard hitting music that makes you feel. Feel you’re not alone, feel you can take on the world. 

Brad: We love making passionate, melodic, heavy music that will get people psyched for life and eager to hear more. Every day is a gift, and we hope fans of our music resonate with these ideas. 

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Blame Zeus

Blame Zeus. Seethe

The new album, Seethe, from Blame Zeus is rockin’ from the start until the end. It’s one of the albums that I want to turn the volume up and wake up the teenagers. By the end of the month, they will also probably know the words to “The Obsession Lullaby” and “How to Successfully Implode.” You’re welcome kids!


Their music is progressive/alternative metal/rock along the lines of Alice in Chains. They have a wide variety of influences that appear in their music. Blame Zeus could play whatever type of music they want and will sound amazing.


There are many decent rock bands with female lead singers but none of them sound exactly like Blame Zeus. Sandra Oliveira definitely has powerful vocals that takes the band to the next level. You can have the best band but if the vocals are lacking then no one hears anything else. Luckily for Blame Zeus the whole band rocks!

Blame Zeus is from Oporto, Portugal.The band has been together since 2010.

I would like to play this on the way to a rally for women’s rights or while making signs for the rally. I love protest music but it can be too calming. Blame Zeus is perfect for getting fired up.

Seriously, Blame Zeus could be your new favorite band too. I recommend giving their album a chance.

Blame Zeus

Blame Zeus:

Sandra Oliveira_VOICE
Ricardo Silveira_DRUMS
Paulo Silva_GUITAR
Tiago Lascasas_GUITAR
Celso Oliveira_BASS

BLAME ZEUS online:



Flawless Friday Video: Once Human

Who: Heavy metal band – Once Human

Vocals- Lauren Hart

Guitars- Logan Mader

Guitars- Max Karon

Bass- Damien Rainaud facebook.com/damienrainaudmusic

Drums- Dillon Trollope

Where: You can find “Sledgehammer” in all of the usual places. If you are a heavy metal fan, you should definitely check them out.


Sleep Deprived Music Review: Wilderun

Wilderun on Bandcamp

Wilderun released their album, Veil of Imagination, on November 1.

This album will definitely wake up the neighbors. So check your volume before playing and then turn it up a little bit more. My phone has vibrated off of the desk several times while playing this album. It’s a good sign that Wilderun rocks.


If you are a fan of progressive metal then you should check out Wilderun. It’s loud and dramatic just like my youngest kid. My favorite songs are “Sleeping Ambassadors of the Sun” and “When the Fire and the Rose are One.”


I think Wilderun’s music sounds like a heavy metal opera. You could probably secretly replace half of The Phantom of the Opera songs with Wilderun. No one would notice. Everyone would be pleased with their heavy metal opera experience.

Wilderun’s hometown is Boston, Massachusetts.


Evan Anderson Berry ­ – Vocals, Guitars, Piano

Dan Müller – Bass, Synths, Orchestrations

Jon Teachey -­ Drums

Joe Gettler ­- Lead Guitar

Wayne Ingram – Orchestrations


WILDERUN online:







Interview with . . . Jon Zazula

Jon Zazula

Jon Zazula is a man after my own heart. He rose from the ashes of Wall Street in the early 80s. In order to make a living, Zazula established a record store, Rock N’ Roll Heaven, and eventually a record label, Megaforce Records. Starting a record label wasn’t part of his original plan but after receiving a demo tape from an unknown band called Metallica, Zazula changed course so that the world could hear their music.

He has recently released a book, Heavy Tales, that is available on his website and Amazon. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to be able to interview Mr. Zazula. Keep reading to find out more.

Who was the first band/artist that you saw in concert?

The first concert I ever saw was a Peter Paul and Mary folk concert. I was very young. They were great.

But my first Rock Concert was a young Stevie Wonder and the Young Rascals on the same stage. I was 12/13 years old and took a train myself from the Bronx to Blayne Ny

What was the last concert that you attended?

The last concert was an The Absence local hometown show in Tampa. I was hoping to see King Diamond Nov 5th but I’ll be out of town . I’m bummed

Is it ever too late to start something new?

For me putting out this book is a new endeavor. If something really blew me away my juices might start flowing again but nothing has has.

What is involved with starting an indie record label?

You gotta be crazy and lucky. I also don’t advise starting a label unless you plan to really get out there and promote your acts.

Are there any unheard of metal bands that you think people should know?

I’m very big on The Absense and ARCANIA from France

Do you have a favorite scary movie?

Yes the EXORCIST but I love Devils Rejects

How is the music scene different than in the 80s?

In the 80’s it was more fresh and exciting. People were getting turned on to it. Now it’s a more acceptable art form and people know what to expect. Metal is also much more abundant and bigger than ever. Just look at how many massive metal festivals there are all over the world. A band can now tour for years.

How is it the same?

The love for it hasn’t changed. The best aggressive music remains


Is there anything that you haven’t done yet?

I haven’t personally promoted a stadium show.

I’d like to do that….. NOT

Truth : Walking away from The Disco Biscuits and not staying on to make them one of the Biggest bands in the world really bothers me.

What do you want people to know about you?

That I was a very lucky and blessed man . When you read the book you’ll see just what I mean. Metallica, Anthrax,Ministry,Testament, KingsX,Ace Frehley,Overkill,Warren Haynes,Anvil,Raven , Mercyful Fate and the Disco Biscuits all miracles.