First Post: NaBloPoMo

My first post was about sunglasses and why they are fashionable. The post was an assignment for an introductory fashion class. It was a satisfactory post. I might place the photos in a different arrangement if I did it over. I think the information is interesting. The post might not change the world but it’sContinue reading “First Post: NaBloPoMo”

I’m Not Done Yet and You aren’t Either.

So recently, it came to my attention that a friend, who shall remain anonymous, tried to commit suicide. Depression was a major factor but something from the past triggered this episode. If my friend reads this, here is what I want to say. I do know how you feel. However, my outlook on life changed.Continue reading “I’m Not Done Yet and You aren’t Either.”

Miss Judgy Judgmental’s Bible Study

Who wants to be in Miss Judgy Judgmental’s Bible Study? I don’t know anyone who does. People want to be treated like human beings – with respect and kindness. Both respect and kindness are currently strange concepts to a lot of people. The conversation at my house has been about whether Christians are their ownContinue reading “Miss Judgy Judgmental’s Bible Study”

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