the mirror cracked: daily post

What would I do if the mirror cracked? So I guess I can’t find out if I’m the fairest of them all?

My prediction is that my hair will look crazy. I’ll also quit wearing makeup, except lipstick. I just can’t quit wearing lipstick. It’s possible that I’ll look like a clown.

I’ll have to go to the salon to get my eyebrows into shape. I’m not ready to look like Grandpa Munster.


i don’t need your rocking chair: daily post


With several things, there is usually pain before anything is gained. For example, childbirth is painful but afterwards parents have a beautiful baby. 

To achieve goals, we have to make sacrifices. If we want our blog to succeed, we put in the time to make improvements. If we want a better job, then we do what we can to achieve that goal. We could go back to get an education or dedicate our time to getting promoted. 

I’m not an expert on exercise. In a way, Jane Fonda is right. If we don’t make an effort to lose weight, we won’t see results. I’m not sure if we should feel a lot of pain while exercising. It doesn’t sound healthy. We should modify our workouts according to what we can do. Again, I’m not a trainer or a doctor. It’s just an opinion.


Personal Literature: NaBloPoMo

Aldous Huxley said your memories are your personal literature. What story are you telling yourself today?


When I was a kid, I spent almost every summer with my grandparents at their cottage in Michigan. I was really blessed to spend time there. I spent most of the time swimming and riding my Pink Panther bike. Sometimes I broke out the roller skates and my headphones. This was in the 80s so the headphones were attached to a tape deck. It was cool back then. It was also awkward and didn’t fit in pockets. The clip was kind of flimsy. But it was better than nothing.

My grandparents would invite their card club to visit. They had so much fun. People had a good time before they spent so much time on their electronic devices. Those were good times.

Top 5 Favorite Items of Clothing

What are your favorite items of clothing and why?


1. Jeans. I love jeans. They can be worn almost anywhere. 

2. Shoes. I bought this really awesome pair of shoes. After five minutes, I changed into my flip flops. My boss wears stilettos. I envy her so much.


3. Khaki shorts. Not too long and not too short. They are kind of like jeans and can be worn with almost anything. Classic. 

4. Band t-shirts. Everyone loves someone. And then they can wear it around town on their t-shirt.


 We were both wearing Bob Marley shirts on Valentine’s Day. We didn’t plan it or anything. 🙂 

5. Sunglasses


August Memory: NaBloPoMo

Tell us one memorable moment from August.

Recently, I went to watch my boyfriend play at a show. While I was waiting around, one of the other bands walked in. But they didn’t just walk in. They all walked in unison.They all had sunglasses, which always makes people look cool. The only thing missing was their hair blowing in the breeze. It was something I don’t usually see, except in the movies. It was like they were saying, “We’re here to rock.”
I was too busy watching them make an entrance to remember to get the camera out. So I missed the opportunity to take the picture. Maybe it would not have looked as cool as in my mind.