Bucket List Goal Complete: Kayaking


The original plan on my birthday was to try standup paddleboarding. The other plan was to lay in bed, take cough medicine and watch Dexter. Since the kid and the boyfriend were home and I wasn’t feeling tooooo bad, we decided to go to Put-in-Bay and possibly try kayaking.

It was a pretty good experience. I would do it again but I really love being on the water.

Hopefully, I can get my own kayak by next summer. Life jackets too. Safety first you guys! Don’t go out on the water without life jackets.

If I were going to do anything differently, I would

  1. Take water shoes. The rocks by the shore are slippery. Getting back on to the shore was the most difficult and hilarious thing about the trip.
  2. Remember suncreen.
  3. Bring a waterproof pouch for a phone. Something that floats too. My phone almost took a dive into the lake.


Sleep Deprived Music Spotlight: Gary Clark Jr.



Back in the day, I was really into the blues. I listened to it. I learned about it. I loved it. Who knows why things change?

So my YouTube Feed might be trying to get me back into listening to the blues. However, YouTube also sends me notifications about JoJo Siwa’s latest video. (It’s my punishment for past sins or letting my kid watch YouTube.) I feel like the YouTube Feed should have a real name like Sylvia or Peggy.

Why else would YouTube recommend Gary Clark Jr. besides that he is one of the best current blues guitarists? He’s been compared to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn. He’s been called the future of the blues. It’s not untrue.


So if you are thinking about starting a relationship or getting back together with the blues, YouTube Sylvia and I both recommend listening to Gary Clark Jr.





Gary Clark Jr. website

The Story of Sonny Boy Slim

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Campdogzz


If you liked Cowboy Junkies, then you may also like Campdogzz. They aren’t exactly the same but there’s a similar yearning/folk/bluesy vibe. The vocals by Jess Price are evocative,  spooky and magical.

I think they could do the soundtrack for a show about ghosts in the south. Someone needs to write that screenplay. Has someone done it already? Is there a movie like “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” but with ghosts? My kid says that I’ve been watching too many ghost stories and now I see ghosts everywhere.

Campdogzz released their latest album, In Rounds, this month. They have a song called “Batshit” so of course, I’m going to immediately love them. My personal favorite song on the album is “Sorceress.” It goes along with that whole haunting/ghost sound that they have going for them.



In Rounds Album on Spotify

Interview with . . . Halflives

Do you live a half-life or a full life? According to the band Halflives, we all live half lives. I was stoked when they agreed to do an interview. I was super stoked when they actually answered the questions.

Halflives includes:

Linda Battilani | Vocals
Enrico Bertoni | Guitars & Vocals
Oscar Scantamburlo | Bass
Fede Bernardi | Drums



Where are you from originally?


You recently had a show with PVRIS. Was it as awesome as you had hoped?

It was more than what we could have hoped for! There was a real hype about us being there that night, people were expecting us, calling our name before the show started, welcomed us with a roar, sang along to all of our songs and jumped. It was hands down our best show so far.

Do you live a half life or a whole life?

Definitely a half life.

Who designs your merch? It’s awesome and I want to buy it all.

* Smiles * Well thank you very much! I design everything so that’s a real compliment, really happy to know you find it cool.

How do you keep rock and roll from dying?

Tourlife has many rock ‘n’ roll aspects and this is when it really comes alive!

You’ve hit a million views on YouTube and played with PVRIS. What is your next big goal?

Definitely getting on bigger tours and there are some festivals we’d like to play as well.. Hopefully next year! On a personal level, I’d also love to tour Japan!

Where do you keep your crown?

For now in my flat but I might give it away soon! Keep an eye!

Where would you find the best pizza in the world?

In Italy of course! And it’s my favorite food, just so you know, so if I’m grumpy and you bring me a (gluten-free) pizza I might change my mood!

How do you guys find the energy to do so many shows?

Sometimes I wonder about it too! Passion, I think. And playing in front of a crowd who sings along gives me really a lot of energy, that’s when I understand, each night, that I love what I’m doing.





Halflives website

Orchid and the Wasp: #bookreview






I’ve been reading Orchid & The Wasp for entirely too long. It wasn’t written badly or anything. Although, sometimes it seemed to get off track from the storyline.

The characters, Gael and her brother, Guthrie, are in one of those dysfunctional families where the parents are more neglectful and selfish than physically abusive. The father leaves to pursue his career during the financial crisis in 2008. He was tired of being in the shadows of his successful wife and having to be responsible for the kids. I don’t think he was really committed to his wife or his children.

All of the family members have their own successful skill set but it doesn’t make them less of a hot mess. The mother gets on my nerves so much that I hate reading about her.

Gael uses people to get what she wants so her people skills are seriously lacking. I’m not sure she even knows what she wants besides to get some sort of revenge against her father. He’s a jerk so it makes sense that she wants him to suffer a little. I kind of like Gael regardless of her flaws. If I were a character in this book, I would be Gael. Scary.

At some point, I thought about not finishing this book. I didn’t know if it was going to go anywhere with this family. Only one family member, Guthrie, is likable and even he isn’t who he seems to be.

So I finished the book and can move on with my life now. Hopefully, the characters will also move on with their lives. Am I the only one that thinks the characters still carry on with life even after the book has been read?

Orchid & the Wasp is not my favorite book but it wasn’t terrible. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.



  • I received this ebook from NetGalley in exchange for doing a review. All opinions are my own. Obviously.



Metal 101 – Guide to Metal by Metalheads.


received_314788095746055Hi, I’m Chasing Destinos oldest child, Tenorsaxicorn, My SO Catsandguitarguy and I are going to walk you through different metal genres and the best bands in them.

Some bands are in several genres because it’s almost impossible to make several songs in one genre. Without being incredibly boring and hard to listen to the same band for long periods of time. There are so many bands it’s almost impossible to list them all so we’re going to list the bands we recommend or the most famous and popular ones from it.

T- My favorite genres of metal are metalcore, post-metal, deathcore, prog, nu-metal, and grunge. I also enjoy some rock, emo, and alternative music. But this is about metal so I won’t get too into detail about those.

C- My favorite genres of metal consist of a little of everything, I listen to a lot of metalcore, nu-metal, deathcore, post-hardcore, Viking metal, death metal, melodic death metal, black metal, folk metal, and tons more…

There are some genres that have changed over the years and they end up giving the different styles different names because they become their own things entirely. Such as traditional metal and new traditional metal or grunge and post-grunge. Some genres, such as folk metal, end up developing completely new concepts and origins to create their own genre. That’s where Viking, pirate, Celtic, and pagan metal comes from. So even if they seem like they’d be the same because of their similar names, they’re not. At the end of the list, we’ll explain the difference between Heavy metal, new traditional and traditional. Let’s get into it!

Alternative Metal

Alternative metal is a mix between alternative rock and heavy metal, it doesn’t have an immediately identifiable sound. Alternative metal features clean and melodic vocals, influenced by those of alternative rock, in contrast to other heavy metal subgenres.  Later bands frequently incorporated vocal styles that alternated between clean singing, growls and screaming.

The bands that are more on the alternative side we recommend would be; Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin,  Linkin Park, Seether, and Three Days Grace.

The bands on the metal side we recommend are; Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Godsmack, Stone Sour, System of a Down.

Black Metal

Black Metal is a heavier genre of metal featuring shirking vocals, heavily distorted guitars, unusual song structure, and a heavy emphasis on atmosphere. The artists commonly sport corpse paint and have stage names sometimes based on authors. Bands in this style are mostly Norwegian.

The most popular bands in this genre are; Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Satyricon,


Deathcore is a combination of death metal and metalcore, sometimes with hardcore punk influences. It uses death metal riffs and blast beats with the metalcore breakdowns. They have down-tuned guitars.

T&C – Bands we recommend are; Impending Doom, Carnifex, Whitechapel, Emmure, and Chelsea Grin.


Usually uses low tuned and heavily distorted guitars, death metal is a more extreme subgenre of heavy metal with elements of hard rock and heavy metal. The vocals are usually heavy growling or screaming and the lyrics usually include extreme graphic actions. There are powerful drumming features with abrupt key and time changes.

Traditional heavy metal bands; Black Sabbath, Iron Maden, Megadeath, Metallica, Pantera, Slayer.

New traditional heavy metal bands are; Amon Amarth, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Children of Bodem, Ghost, Gojira, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Six Feet Under, and a lot more.

Melodic Death Metal

Melodic Death Metal is a subgenre of death metal that uses highly melodic guitar riffs, often borrowing from traditional heavy metal, the style originated and developed in Sweden and the United Kingdom.  The vocal style typically combines harsh screaming and growling with melodic singing, with some artists emphasizing one of these techniques over the rest.

Some melodic death metal bands are; Children of Bodom, Dark Tranquility, Insomnium, and In Flames.

Symphonic Death Metal

Symphonic metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music which combines the heavy drums and guitars of metal with different elements of orchestral classical music, such as symphonic instruments, choirs and sometimes a full orchestra. Often feature classically trained female vocalists, it is not uncommon for them to feature a second vocalist preforming growls.

Some examples of the best symphonic death metal bands are; At the Gates, Cradle of Filth, Kamelot, Opeth,

Folk/Viking Metal

Folk metal is a combination between heavy metal and traditional folk music, containing older folk instruments and to lesser extents traditional singing styles, they commonly contain six or more people in their line-up.

Viking metal is a style of heavy metal music characterized by a lyrical and thematic focus on Norse mythology, Norse paganism, and the Viking Age. Common elements in their songs include a slow-paced and heavy riffing style, anthemic choruses, use of both sung and harsh vocals, a reliance on folk instrumentation, and often the use of keyboards for atmospheric effect.

C – The bands I highly recommend are; Amon Amarth, Arkona, Enslaved, Heliung, Moonsorrow, Turisas, and Tyr.

Pirate Metal

Pirate metal is a subgenre of heavy metal often characterized by its use of pirate mythology in the music and sometimes their stage performances. The lyrics often include pirate jargon and various music genres, such as thrash metal, speed metal, and folk metal may be combined with traditional-sounding songs like sea shanties.

Two bands in pirate metal are Alestorm and Swashbuckle.


Grunge is a fusion genre of alternative rock, punk rock, and heavy metal. Bands mainly focus on utilizing either punk rock or heavy metal in their sound. Lyrics are typically angst-filled and introspective, often addressing themes such as social alienation, apathy, concerns about confinement, and a desire for freedom.

The most famous bands in the grunge scene are; Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots.


Post-grunge morphed into a more clearly defined style that married the sound and aesthetic of grunge with a tone less intense and less abrasive than grunge.

The most commonly heard of using post-grunge are; Creed, Foo Fighters, Matchbox Twenty, Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, and Seether.


Industrial music is a genre of experimental music which draws on harsh, transgressive or provocative sounds and themes. The first industrial artists experimented with noise and aesthetically controversial topics, musically and visually, such as fascism, sexual perversion, and the occult.

Some Industrial would be Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and Slipknot.


Metalcore is a fusion genre combining elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. Metalcore is most known for its use of breakdowns, which are slow, intense passages conducive to moshing. Singers typically perform screaming or the death growl. But more recent bands have incorporated standard singing, usually during the chorus or bridge.

T&C the bands that we recommend the most are; Asking Alexandria, August Burns Red, Beartooth, Bring Me the Horizon, Famous Last Words, and Parkway Drive.


A subgenre of alternative metal that combines elements of heavy metal music with elements of other music genres such as hip hop, alternative rock, funk, industrial and grunge. Nu-metal rarely features guitar solos, it is heavily syncopated and based on guitar riffs. Many nu metal guitarists use seven-string guitars that are down-tuned to play a heavier sound.

T&C- Bands we recommend for some Nu-Metal jams are; Disturbed, Deftones, Korn, Slipknot, System of a Down.


Post-hardcore is a descendant of hardcore punk that maintains the aggression and intensity of hardcore punk but emphasizes a greater degree of creative expression initially inspired by punk rock, post-punk and noise rock. Typically featuring very fast tempos, loud volume, and heavy bass levels.

T&C- Bands in the post-hardcore scene we like; Alesana, Bring me the Horizon, Dance Gavin Dance, Falling in Reverse, Famous Last Words, Silverstein, Underoath.


I know I know don’t kill me, please. Emo is a style of post-hardcore and is an alternative rock music genre characterized by an emphasis on emotional expression, sometimes through confessional lyrics. There is also screamo, which is a more aggressive form of emo music.

Bands with the reputation of being emo bands with the most post-hardcore style; Black Veil Brides, Green Day, Pierce the Veil, and Sleeping with Sirens.


If you are more of a softie who doesn’t like the crazy hardcore bands then progressive rock or progressive metal would be your thing. Progressive rock’s scene is sometimes limited to a stereotype of long solos, overlong albums, fantasy lyrics, grandiose stage sets and costumes, and an obsessive dedication to technical skill. Progressive rock had poetic lyrics and uses technology for new sounds.  Progressive metal is a fusion genre melding heavy metal and progressive rock which combines the loud aggressive sounds and amplified guitar-driven sound.  Prog was made for listening rather than dancing to it.

Prog rock bands; Kansas, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Rush.

Prog metal bands; Animals as Leader, Deftones, Mastodon, Opeth, and Tool.

Thrash Metal

A subgenre of metal music characterized by its overall aggression and often fast tempo. The songs usually use fast percussive beats and low-register guitar riffs, overlaid with shredding-style lead work. The lyrics often deal with social issues and criticism, using direct and denunciatory language, an approach taken from hardcore punk.

Popular thrash metal bands are; Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeath, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, and Testament.


Sleep Deprived Music Review: The Maytags

Jon Lemmons Photography. http://www.jonlemmons.com


The Maytags may be the best thing to come out of Iowa since Blue Bunny Ice Cream. The description of their genre says rock and roll but that seems too broad. Their sound is more like old school R & B than anything. The Maytags have a kickass horn section.

They released Love Lines in 2016 but it’s still good. Good music doesn’t expire, right?!


I suspect that they appreciate good beer. Their merch section has some nice coozies, a flask and a bottle opener. Plus, music and stickers.

They have everything good in life in their merch section –  music, beer accessories and stickers.

Love Lines on Spotify

The Maytags website


Bucket List Goal Complete: The Butterfly House







I’ve always wanted to go to The Butterfly House on Put-in-Bay. So we finally went last week. We wanted to stay longer but they said, “You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay.” I’m paraphrasing.


Since the lost bucket list fiasco a few years ago, I keep track of my bucket list here: Bucketlist. 

There are fewer tears so it’s been helpful to keep it online.


P.S. On a side note, it’s Friday so check out the stuff over at BuzzFeed.

Holley’s BuzzFeed stuff

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Slow Kiss


Do you guys remember Mazzy Star? So imagine if their lead singer was not shy and was into punk rock instead of hazy shoe gazy music – then Mazzy Star would be really similar to Slow Kiss.

Both singers sound similar to me. I’m not sure if they resemble each other physically so they probably wouldn’t be able to trade bands without someone noticing. It would be interesting to see if singers from different bands could trade – like Parent Trap but for bands instead of parents.

Slow Kiss hails from Los Angeles and Santiago, Chile. They released an EP, Ultraviolet, in 2017. In the same year, they also released a single, “Pink Death,” which is not on the EP. I like “Pink Death” and “Fade Away.” If you’re into alternative/punk bands – sort of along the lines of Liz Phair, then you might like Slow Kiss.



Slow Kiss on Facebook

Slow Kiss on Spotify

Interview with . . . Kaiser Solzie


Kaiser Solzie might be a ghost of punk rock.  But he’s got a band and a chance to tell his story. Can he and the band make a difference in the world? Probably. Can they tell an interesting story? Yes, definitely.

If you want to know a little bit of the story, you can read the interview that Kaiser Solzie did with me recently.



Who named you Kaiser Solzie?

Me and my friend Timmy came up with after me busking in St Pete Fl he invited me to his house to record some song’s and after we were watching The Usual Suspects and kinda made the reference of me being kinda the ghost of punk rock popping up random spots around the country over the years busking the streets

Does anyone know the real you?

Yeah, a lot of folks know me as James Jackson back home.


What is the best way that people can help the homeless?

Giving an open and unjudgemental ear while kinda pointing them in the bright direction to resources for help where ever they may need. A lot of folks just wanna be acknowledged and made to feel like they are worth it to others – that many times can be a huge help and start to help them off the streets

Are you scared of anything after being homeless?

Not so much scared I do have some minor PTSD issues from sleeping outside or in not so savory areas at times

What was the catalyst for traveling across the country in 2010?

My gypsy heart and not waiting to stay in one place for too long aka my hometown of Rochester N.Y.

How many guitars have you ever had?

Oh gosh, I’d say roughly 15-20 since I was 16.  I’m 35 now.

Did someone teach you how to play the guitar or were you self-taught?

Nah – I taught myself from learning tablature and watching old concert videos

What are you going to do after Warped Tour?

Record more music and work on some touring plans wanna put more songs out and circle the USA at least one more time before Xmas

What do you want people to know about Kaiser Solzie?

We care about everyone and hope to inspire all folks through our music and our stories and experiences.


Kaiser Solzie on bandcamp

Kaiser Solzie on Facebook