Blogging in 10 Years: NaBloPoMo


What will blogging and social media look like in 10 years? Will wearable tech change the way we tell our story?

Blogging will probably be so fast in 10 years. It’s pretty fast now. I can do a post on my phone. Sometime I borrow my kid’s tablet. I can write a post now and have it post in the morning or next week.
The thing that I’m struggling with now is posting new pictures while working on a tablet or my phone. So when I figure out how to get photos from my camera to a tablet. It can probably be done, I just haven’t tried. When that day arrives, I will shout it from the roof tops.
Maybe within the next ten years, I can put a camera in a pair of sunglasses. Now there is an idea for super fast unstoppable blogging.
The other day, I took a picture, processed it through Instagram and posted it on Fecebook and Twitter. I had the photo finished and posted within five to ten minutes. It boggles my mind that it could be faster. I”m ready for it . . . I think.

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