NaBloPoMo: Healing Process

As part of the healing process, please talk about how you processed the situation.

After my abusive relationship, the caseworkers at a shelter helped me find a transitional housing program. There were several things that I did in order to cope with my life being in a shambles.

I think I will break it down into a list of the Good and the Bad.

Went to therapy for two years.
Didn’t date anyone for at least a year.
Went to a support group.
Read a lot of books.
Worked on setting goals.
Forgiveness is important.
Re-building relationships with friends and family.

Gained 30 pounds by eating mostly Oatmeal Creme Pies.
Didn’t really socialize with my roommates for at least three months.
Was a reality television show junkie for awhile. Have seen every episode of “Flavor of Love” once or twice.

As the anniversary of some events of the relationship pass, it gets a little easier to deal with each year. This fall will be the sixth anniversary of the events. I feel as if I’ve moved on from that time. It hasn’t been easy but all of the aggravation and tears were worth it.

This is great advice!
This is great advice!


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