Professional Blogginess: NaBloPoMo

Do you consider yourself a professional blogger?

Well, I might as well be a professional blogger. I spend a considerable amount of time working on posts and getting the word out about every post. There is also a lot of time spent visiting other blogs and building relationships with fellow bloggers.
Most of the time, I plan things, like interviews, photographs or bucket list events, that I could possibly put on my blog. Once or twice, I’ve done a guest post for Scorpion Sting. The posts were more appropriate for his blog. I like visiting his blog. I can curse over there. It’s a different blog from Chasing Destino but there’s nothing wrong with different, right Scorp?
Here is a link to a guest post on his blog:
A Twiztid Interview: 13 1/2 Questions

I don’t get paid. Apparently, my views per day would have to be considerably higher. I do all of the things a good blogger should do. Someday it will happen – I will get views that are through the roof. My friend, Kate from said so and I believe her. Whenever I have a blogging crisis, i.e. blogger’s self-doubt, I talk to Kate about it. She’s like my sister on the blog. I hesitate to say mother because I think we’re too close to the same age. I have no idea how old Kate is really, except that she is young at heart, which is what counts. Also, I’m not going to ask her what her age is, I still have some manners. 😉
Anyway, the point is that I really enjoy working on the blog. So visit me often – either on here or a variety of social media outlets. Bring some coffee or a good joke. I’m flexible.
I will not be quitting anytime soon. This blogging business is too much fun. It really is what gets me out of bed on most days – that and the fear of my kid missing the school bus. I will do whatever it takes to not be in the drop off lane at school.
Visitors are always welcome! This blog is open 24-7.


“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


  1. Thank you, again! Those were some sweet words that really touched my heart – and I like to think that I’m young at heart, too 🙂 I think you touched on something that we all face, but it’s great that you are dedicated to having fun while you work towards your goal!

  2. I really liked this post holly!! I love your quotes 🙂 I guess after reading this the the question is, which is prob on the minds of a lot of new bloggers- are you happy just blogging for fun or would you eventually like to get paid to blog?

    1. Good question! I am happy just blogging for fun. There are some perks besides money. I get to take photographs, which I really love. I also have opportunities for interviews, music reviews, etc., which I don’t get paid for with money. Sometimes I get a press pass, which is like getting the golden ticket. 🙂
      If I get paid down the road, that would be awesome. I’ll blog whether I get paid or not.
      Thanks for visiting Mimi. Can I call you Mimi? 🙂

  3. Professional as in, I do it lots and I do it well (I hope)? Yes.
    Professional as in, I get paid? Sadly not.
    Loving it? Absolutely!

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