Kindness of Strangers,Part Three : NaBloPoMo

I am no stranger to the kindness of strangers. Kindness never goes out of style.

It’s been important for me to pass on the kindness to someone else – stranger or friend. Kindness doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. It can be a small task. Kindness doesn’t have to cost much money. Actually, it is free to be kind to other people.

Once, there was a woman with an infant behind me in the grocery line. Her grocery cart was packed to the top and a little beyond. There wasn’t anyone to help her unpack so I took a few minutes to do it. It didn’t cost me anything but time.When my kids were small, I was always thankful to have someone help me at the grocery store. It’s the small things that matter the most sometimes.

This is a link to a post about a stranger showing kindness to me when I really needed it.


      1. Yes, my wife bought tickets for she and I to go see Neil Diamond in concert in early April in Washington, D.C. because seeing Neil and the cherry blossoms are both on her bucket list! She LOVVVESSS him, too!

  1. I paid for a lady’s dog food as she was a few dollars short.
    I try to compliment one stanger a day in the hope others will smile. Small things make big differences to people’s lives

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