Surprise: NaBloPoMo

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Talk about a surprise that made you happy.

I need more surprises in my life. Why don’t people surprise me with parties or presents or just a cup of coffee?

It’s not that people don’t do nice things for me. They do. There just isn’t a surprise factor. It could be the name of a television show – “Surprise Factor.” It could be like a combination of “Extreme Makeover” and “Queen for a Day.”

Come on over to my house and do some remodeling but don’t tell me about it. That would be a great surprise. Then have celebrities visit. Maybe a couple of bands playing in the backyard. And cake. There must be cake.

Just keep it on the down low. Do not underestimate my ability to find stuff out. Ohhh, maybe that’s why no one surprises me.

One response to “Surprise: NaBloPoMo”

  1. you know what ” no one has EVER surprised me”. people run out of ideas. 🙁

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