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Tell us about a dish you attempted to make that ended in disaster. Have you ever re-attempted the meal?


A few months ago, I mentioned the time that I made a birthday cake for Little Sister #1. The poor cake fell apart when I turned the pan over. So much for being fancy.

When I wrote that last post, I could not find the picture. So here is the proof of the cake disaster.

I don’t think that I’ve made any of the kids a birthday cake since then. It was time to leave it to the professional cake bakers or my mom or my boyfriend. Really, anyone else is better at making a cake.

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  1. My mother in law had a cake disaster baking a cake I blogged about. She was intending to surprise me with it. She didn’t have the right size pan and it was practically raw when she served it to us. We managed to rebake it so it was edible. I’m sure she will never make it again.

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