Trippin’ : #NaBloPoMo

What do you do to get ready before a trip?

This is what I do in order to take a trip


  • I have a minor panic attack when I realize that I have so much to prepare. Then I get over it and start working on plans.
  • I research the place that we are going. So I can pack for the weather.
  • In my head, I have a count of the number of days and nights that we’ll be gone. When I pack suitcases, I always have that number of outfits plus at least one extra – just in case, I spill something or some other catastrophe that only happens in movies or to me. I have to work on not over-packing. It’s so hard not to pack all of my shoes. It really is. However, I do not want to carry all of my shoes all over the planet. My boyfriend is nice but we have an understanding that we have to carry our own bags. Fair enough.
  • wpid-img_20141102_131215.jpg
  • Pack stuff to do while traveling. Books, journals. Activities if the kids are going too. I check out Pinterest. There are tons of traveling bloggers that know all there is to know about traveling with kids. Here are two examples. There are so many more. There’s not enough room in one post for all of them.
  • Check out Groupon and other coupon sites to see what discounts that are out there. I have a AAA discount card and I use it whenever possible.
  • We also try to always, always get a hotel with a pool. We like to swim and relax after a long day of being tourists and bucket list goal achievers. It’s exhausting trying to accomplish so much in a trip. Relaxing is important.
  • 027_00a1
  • Let’s see. Buy tickets and make reservations- plane tickets, event tickets, car reservations, hotel reservations, etc. It’s so much easier if you buy tickets and/or make reservations before you get there. For example, the Stanley Hotel in Colorado is so busy in the summer that you should make an appointment for a tour. Hotel reservations should also be made months, if not a year or more, in advance. No joke.
  • Stanley1
  • On the last vacation, I had an itinerary, as well as a bucket list. I used TripAdvisor quite a bit before and during the trip. It was really helpful because we weren’t sitting in the hotel room staring at each other saying, “What do you want to do?” It could have been a vicious cycle.


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  1. My goodness, no wonder you have a panic attack! Me, I pack, ascertain that I have reservations that can be cancelled (in case of unforeseen problems), and arrange for someone to feed my two cats. Then again, I am pretty much a “go with the flow” traveler!

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