Cold Case Quest: Donna Jean Hudson

donna jean hudgson
Donna Jean Hudson
The Columbus Dispatch

On September 5, 1972, an unknown intruder killed 20 year-old Donna Jean Hudson in front of her three young children. The situation is beyond horrible.

 Hudson lived in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and three children. She was pregnant with a fourth child. Her husband found her when he came home from work at 8:30 p.m.

Sometimes the killer is the husband but I don’t think it was in this instance. The oldest child was able to give a description of the man. She did not identify her father as the killer. The description was that the man was an African-American, possibly early to mid-20s.

The child was five years old at the time and had been through a traumatic event. Children can be credible witnesses. Let’s hope that Hudson’s child was not influenced by anyone to give the wrong description.

Like many older investigations, the homicide happened in 1972 – way before DNA testing. I hope that there was some evidence that could be retested.

There’s a news article from 1975 about unsolved cases in Columbus. The police were trying to link some cases together including the Donna Jean Hudson file.

Most of the cases were not similar at all to Hudson’s. However, there was one case that could have been connected. Unfortunately, I cannot find any more information about the other investigation beyond 1975. It may have been solved but so far I haven’t found evidence to convince me that anyone has worked on it since 1975. I hope that I’m wrong and the other case has been solved.


If you have any information or questions about this case, please contact the Columbus Police Department. 

I found the photo in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper archives. It hasn’t been posted on the Ohio Attorney General’s website yet.

The Columbus Dispatch #2

Cold Case Quest

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    1. Maybe the person knew that the husband was at work. Stalking her maybe. I don’t think her husband would’ve had her killed with children at home. Still possible.

  1. My name is Mary Ratliff and I am bonna Hudson far has I know her murder has never been solved..and yes I do believe her husband had her killed..

  2. Hi Mary, Thank you for commenting. Do you think someone was hired? Interesting that it could’ve been the idea of the husband. I hope your family receives some answers soon.

    1. I was told so many things I didn’t know what to believe. I do know that they found the killers blood under her finger nails..every time we try open the case Robert Hudson always came to my work and confronted me. So it seems suspicious to yes I think he had something to do with her. Murder..I do wish it could be solved for her rest and mine..

      1. That is suspicious. Can you get a restraining order? Something to consider, if the family tried to get the DNA checked. I don’t think there’s a statute of limitations. I’ll keep praying that it’s solved.

  3. That’s the only time. He ever comes around..I haven’t seen him for at least 16 years..did you read the also said that crisy also told the police that the killer jump up and down to kill my mommy’s baby..she was 8 months I said I heard so many things..and why would Robert only come around when we was looking at the case.
    Which has only been 2 times. All he would say is he didn’t do didn’t even cross my mind until I read your article..they always told us they have no new evidence and wouldn’t do anything else..

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