10 Books on the #AlreadyRead List. Part 7

There are several classics on part 7 of the #alreadyread list. Apparently, I need to reread most of the books on the list.

alreadyread list 7

  1. Don Quixote. I think I liked it but I don’t remember. Should go on the #readagain list.
  2. East of Eden. Should also read it again.
  3. Eat Pray Love. Definitely worth reading.
  4. Eden.
  5. Embers of Liberty.
  6. Emma. One of my favorite Jane Austen books.
  7. Evvie Drake Starts over.
  8. Fahrenheit 451. Interesting book.
  9. A Farewell to Arms. Probably my favorite book by Hemingway
  10. A Feast for Crows. Love all of the books in this series.


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  1. I have read just one of these.

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