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the diamond rose

At the beginning of The Diamond Rose, Boston resident Amanda Griffith had just graduated from medical school and was ready to begin her residency. While on vacation, she and her friend, Lydia, were struck by a solar flare. The solar flare gave them both supernatural powers. Both women are flown to Prague from their beach vacation in Panama. Within 48 hours, Amanda and Lydia are inducted into a super secret supernatural society called The Committee as Sentinels.

Amanda puts her residency on hold while she is a Sentinel. She falls in love with this guy who everyone knows is bad news, like “Ted Bundy is my boyfriend” kind of news. The falling in love with a psycho and the use of pet names were the only things that I had a problem within the book. Some people like pet names and psychopaths, I guess.

I know – smart women fall in love with psychopaths all of the time. Amanda knew he was a stalker and a killer before they were together. I would have rather seen her work on anything else, except getting sidetracked by love. I guess I enjoyed the paranormal aspects of this book more than the romance. Maybe I’m just at the point in life where I understand why TV characters have separate beds or bedrooms. Apparently, someone needs more paranormal romance and less snoring.

However, I am hoping that in the sequels Amanda becomes empowered as a Sentinel and also as a human. It seemed like she might be headed in the direction of really learning about herself.


If you are a fan of paranormal romance and get swept away with sentimental feelings, then you might enjoy The Diamond Rose.

If you are a cynic who is against love or a realist against being obsessed with love, then maybe just wait for a paranormal novel with less romance.

Author Bio:

 Daniela Valenti is a Canadian psychiatrist with a penchant for the paranormal and a fascination with human nature’s dark side. Her knowledge of human behavior is translated into complex, multidimensional characters. Her narrative worlds are full of exciting supernatural events, international travel, and sexy alpha men. A graduate of McGill University, she is a book lover and chatty introvert who lives in Montreal.




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