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In Origins by Lyla Oweds, Bianca has led a very sheltered life. Her so-called best friend, Finn, has taken care of her for awhile, except that he is keeping her isolated from people and the real world. He even has settings on her phone for what she can Google. If it’s something that he doesn’t think is appropriate, then it won’t show up on her phone.

The person that she trusts the most in the world is gaslighting and abusing her on an extreme level. Bianca is finally starting to question things because he isn’t listening to her about a problem. I mean, thank goodness that the house she is watching for her professor is haunted. If it weren’t for this ghost trying to kill her she might stay under the spell of Finn forever.

Since Finn isn’t listening to her about the ghost, she finds a better listener in Finn’s brother, Damen. He says “baby girl” a lot. In my opinion, if you are not Shemar Moore then you should keep the “baby girlssss” under wraps. FYI: None of you are Shemar Moore.

Damen also has a group of friends that are willing to help Bianca with the haunting situation. On the plus side, they want to be her friend rather than her captor. The downside of living a sheltered life is that Bianca is in lust with everyone. EVERYONE. I think this should be downplayed in the book a little. I get it. She’s a young girl who has been sheltered and now all of the hormones are going crazy.

No one should not assume that any of the hot people are gay but I suspect that one of Damen’s friends is definitely not into Bianca, except as her friend. That would have been a good thing to know but if someone isn’t out then it’s not anyone’s job to out them.

I felt like I got hit over the head with how hot everyone is – to the extent that I wondered if I was having a hot flash or raging hormones. More time could have been spent on how revealing all of the hot people have special powers under all of the hotness and how all of those powers can help with the ghost problem. I felt like the story was finally getting somewhere with the supernatural stuff and then it ended abruptly. No one even knows if the ghost was hot yet. Maybe there are more answers in the sequel.

I still wanted to cast the movie. So I thought the following people would be good choices for Origins if it becomes a movie or a series.


If you do not like abrupt endings and having to take cold showers because everyone is so hot, then wait until you have access to the sequel.

Author Information:

Author Name: Lyla Oweds

Author Bio: 

Lyla Oweds is an Amazon bestselling paranormal romance and urban fantasy author who resides in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. She grew up near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and has a deep appreciation for the paranormal, hauntings, and Edgar Allan Poe. As such, she loves all things fantasy, mystery, crime, and horror.

When not reading, writing, or working as a web programmer, Lyla can be found doing adult-y things such as being a mom to small children, cleaning, and gardening. She also frequently enjoys makeup videos, massages, wine, and coffee.

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  • I received this book from Inkslinger PR as part of a book blog tour. All opinions are my own. Obviously.
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