Cold Case Quest: Idessa Hennings

Idessa Hennings
Idessa Hennings

On Saturday, June 13, 1964, Idessa Hennings of Cincinnati was found in her bed at approximately 6 p.m. Hennings had already passed away by the time she was discovered. The cause of death is listed as strangulation. The Cincinnati Police Department originally thought that she had been stabbed or shot in the neck.

Within the last ten years, one suspect has been on the radar. I’m still waiting to hear if the suspect has been charged. It doesn’t seem like this case is connected to other cases. The link to the latest story concerning the Hennings case was broken so it was not possible to read all of the information.

According to posts on Facebook in 2019, the case is still technically unsolved but there is hope that someone will be charged soon. If you have any new information, please contact Crimestoppers or the Cincinnati Police Department. Hopefully, Idessa Hennings and her family will get their day in court soon.

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  1. Hi there. I was doing research into the case to see if I could do a episode for my podcast on it, but it looks like there is so little info on her that I might not. However, I wanted to ask where did you see the info saying that there was one suspect on the radar. I tried looking for it, but haven’t found it yet.

    1. What’s the name of your podcast?

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