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the mismatch

In The Mismatch by Sara Jafari, Soraya is trying to keep her new boyfriend a secret from her family. Have you ever not wanted to introduce your practically perfect boyfriend to your family?

Soraya is originally from Brighton, England. She currently resides in London. Her parents emigrated from Iran many years ago. Soraya liked having the freedom to do as she pleased while living away from her parents. She doesn’t want to move back home and live under her parent’s rules.

Soraya meets a handsome British man named Magnus. She doesn’t think he’ll be interested in her romantically or in general because of who she is – a British-Iranian Muslim woman. However, he is interested in her. Soraya is beginning to learn that is just as easy for her to stereotype someone as it is for others to have preconceived notions about her. Magnus isn’t exactly who she expects him to be. On the outside, they don’t seem like a good match but that’s not what matters.

Although Soraya has graduated from college, dating Magnus would be difficult to explain to her family since he isn’t Muslim. The reader learns that Soraya has an older sister who became pregnant out of wedlock by her non-Muslim boyfriend. The father makes the family cut off all ties to the sister and her baby.

The father is a piece of work. First of all, he is a drug addict. Secondly, he is abusive in many ways. The mother finally has enough of his shenanigans and begins to do things her way, whether he likes it or not. The father takes a trip to Iran and hopefully, he stays away from the family for a while. The mother regrets all of the time that she has lost with the sister and grandchild. If I were her, I would definitely trade my husband in so I could spend time with my child.

The relationship between Soraya and Magnus takes the usual romantic comedy twists and turns. They fall in love and then they have a falling out. During the falling out, Soraya starts to write and talk about her family life with people. So she’s making some progress in life on her own terms. Will she get back together with Magnus? Does she even need a boyfriend?

If you enjoy romance novels with a bit of drama, then you will probably enjoy The Mismatch.

If you are like the jerk face father in the book, then you might not enjoy the book. Is jerk face one word or two?

Anyway, don’t be afraid to put The Mismatch on your TBR list.

  • I received this ebook from NetGalley. All opinions are my own. Obviously.
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  1. I think jerk face is effective either way–one word OR two, lol
    This kind of book reminds me how lucky I am to have all the freedoms I have….

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