Poetry Maybe #21: Perseus and Andromeda

Poetry Maybe #21: Perseus and Andromeda

Perseus and Andromeda

He craves her like

a plant craves egg shells

and coffee grounds

She makes him feel unusual

when she focuses all of her attention

on him and offers to make breakfast

He refuses eggs and toast

offers to drive ten miles

and pay out of his own pocket for donuts.

Why delay something so sweet

that glistens with the adoration of twelve moons

he can’t even hear the noise

of meteors from beyond earth.

not one note or sonic boom that tells him

to rush to her side

She owed him for concert tickets

that he bought early so

he had time to conspire

the most wicked and wonderful plan

to win her heart before

the comets and meteors damaged

the planet beyond healing

He wasn’t going to let her

crash and burn alone.

The plan was to orbit around her

and block the flames.

Then the summer came

and the concert went on

without any love songs

dedicated to her.

The meteor knocked

him into the atmosphere

Does love exist in a vacuum?

He hid his love

for her in

the next galaxy

where it will remain until

the stars align correctly .


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