Poetry Maybe #22

poetry maybe #22

Altar of Aphrodite

Remember when we would be

driving around the city

looking for new

twists and turns-

pleading with the gods to

compel something amazing to happen?

a wish, a kiss in front of the marquee

our names in print for saving the world from itself.

The gods would say “how fortunate to have them there.

so brilliant, so lovely to the core. 

She loves him but he doesn’t see.

He loves her but she doesn’t see.”

We kept driving away from the sunrise

almost in a maniacal way to keep

the night from ending

 before we had to forsake all for a

wish, a dream under the starshine

drunk on too much merlot in a box 

that we didn’t really enjoy

because we spent all of our money on gas

and buying a goldfish on a whim.

You offered to drive for awhile

and I saw a look that I hadn’t seen before.

Aphrodite saw it months ago of course

-lovesick . . . devoted

and also with a small amount of fear

that I would drain you of being yourself

by forcing you to kneel

at the altar of Aphrodite.

The thunderbolt had been thrown

in the most graceful way.

It could not be undone

My heart continues to be still –

blinded by the glitter of

one streetlight gaze

Poetry Maybe #22 – https://www.wattpad.com/1165394971-poetry-maybe-altar-of-aphrodite

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