Poetry Maybe #31: Persephone’s Door

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell from Pexels

working title: Persephone’s Door

"It was just a nightmare"
they said
did they see
the flame from the lighter
kept going higher 
until it burned white hot
against my cheek

every scandalous
detail of my life
invented for someone to mock
apology flowers seem
so tasteful
but they still die in flames

the tinderbox with an army matches and a magnifying glass
was meant to be
Nona was adamant that no one would pardon
anyone - not even delicate creatures 

for letting our flame get out of control

before we can stop the destruction

we better fly away
from the scene on an 
umbrella before anyone finds us

Nona won't fix eggs
since we are dashing off
She's angry

and hopes that i sink quicksand
wouldn't i be astonished to see her

whip up a batch

it would be mysterious sweetie

no more indulging little Nadine
only enchanting with an an invisible song

impose your will against the flames
aspiring to reach the bottom of the ocean
and the top of heaven

Only Nona will applaud
if you can

transport the flames 
to Persephone's door

Poetry Maybe

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