80s Movie Book Tag

80s movie book tag
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Welcome to The 80s Movie Book Tag, which I found on Flora’s Musings. Flora has many paranormal and urban fantasy reviews that you should read. As usual, everyone is invited to participate. Don’t forget to tag Flora and myself so that we can be book-blogging BFFs.

Nightmare on Elm Street

A book that kept you up all night

80s movie book tag
My Heart is a Chainsaw: #BacktoKindle Readathon

The Princess Bride

A wonderfully quotable book

The Hate U Give: #bookreview

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

A character who loves breaking the rules

80s movie book tag
Bad Habits: #bookreview

When Harry Met Sally

A couple that took an eternity to get together

Lawless: NaBloPoMo

Forrest and Maggie took forever to become a couple.

Back to the Future

A book involving time travel

The Psychology of Time Travel: #bookreview

Pretty in Pink

A character with a unique style


The Karate Kid

Favorite book involving training/mentoring trope

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Akata Witch: #bookreview

Die Hard

A book with a trip that doesn’t go as planned

Things to do Before the End of the World: #bookreview

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

A book with the central character’s name in the title

Karolina Dalca, Dark Eyes: #bookreview

Dirty Dancing

A female character who comes out of her shell

The Secret Stealers: #bookreview

Top Gun

A death that took you by surprise

Instructions for Dancing: #bookreview


An ending that left you both happy and sad

The Phone Booth at the Edge of the World: #bookreview

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