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Eco-friendly Earrings



I don’t mean to brag but I have scored a really great present for the teenager. She likes skulls, steampunk and jewelry.

So I found the sugar skull and steampunk earrings from Green Tea Jewelry. I think that the teenager will love them -until she moves on to another phase. As long as she loves them this Christmas, it counts as a success.

They look heavy but they are very light. The earrings are made of wood. Who knew that wood earrings could be as light as a feather? Probably my mom – she was a hippie once.

The gears on the steampunk earrings really do move.

Green Tea Jewelry makes a variety of things, including switch plate covers, pendants and clocks. Many of their items are steampunk inspired.



Green Tree Jewelry

*I received the earrings in exchange for doing a post.

Fall Wish List: #NaBloPoMo

Fall Wish List

Kick out the back-to-school fashion show on your blog: show us what you’re wearing as we head into fall (or spring if you live in the Southern Hemisphere).

I’m not wearing any of it but I would like to wear all of it.

The Fashion Traveler: City of Melbourne

Ladies and Gentleman,

I would like to present a guest post by my new BFF . . . The Fashion Traveler, Peter Minkoff. I’m not sure what a freelance fashion traveler is exactly but it sounds pretty fabulous. Enjoy!


Cover (1)

As a stylist and a travel aficionado, I like to think that every city has its own personality and thus, its own fashion style. There is some magic in traveling from town to town and discovering the differences between them. Even Brisbane and Melbourne are nothing alike, and though I adore my home town, I often travel to Melbourne for some inspiration and fashion excitement. Melbourne is a city famous for its street art, but that art doesn’t reflect only in the drawings on the wall, but in what the locals are wearing. It’s also a paradise for shopping, from the malls to markets, Melbourne has it all. I traveled there just recently  and I’d like to share my impressions.

What’s IN on the Streets?

What’s IN on the Streets

It’s known amongst stylists that Melbourne has that special fashion flare that I like to call – urban chic. The locals have distinct sense of style, combining sporty wear with elegant and vintage pieces. The style diversity ranges from sneakers, oversized bomber jackets, overalls to simple little black dresses, white crochet shirts, pleated skirts and ankle boots. What separates Melbourne from the rest of the Australia is the specific Euro chic of its architecture and its fashion combined with the modern and urban Aussie’s fashion bravery.

Where to Shop?

Where to Shop

As mentioned, Melbourne is a paradise for passionate clothing shoppers and I enjoyed finding its best places. There is a whole culture of shopping there. It’s not just – go in, buy and go out. You have restaurants, coffee shops where you can rest and continue, because it is a whole day experience. It’s possible to find both major international brands and local designers. Some of the shopping hotspots in Melbourne are Chadstone shopping complex, Bourke Street Mall, Block Arcade, Chapel Street, Melbourne Central, Flinders Line, Direct Factory Outlets, etc.

How to Shop?

How to Shop

For me, fashion is art and shopping is a trade. You need to have certain skills and knowledge to be successful in it. Experience is helpful too. It’s important to know what to look for and where.  For instance, if you want  to shop for cutting-edge fashion, Block Arcade is the spot for you. For designer clothes and accessories quest, you should visit Bridge Road. If you fancy discovering local designers and crafts, Flinders Lane is the place where you’ll go. There are many ways to save money while buying clothes (and affordable clothes can be fashionable too), such as Melbourne warehouse sales, where you can find great bargains.

What to Visit?

What to Visit

When I finish my daily shopping tour in Melbourne, I like to dedicate some time to visit the city’s most famous attractions. Melbourne is a romantic-looking city, with its wide streets and parks. It is also a city of contrast, which reflects in places like Royal Botanical Garden and urban art scene. Most of the times I like to visit urban parts, with small art galleries and crafts shops. I sincerely recommend visiting Blender Studios and the Dark Horse Experiment Gallery. Eating at Supernormal or Patuso and drinking coffee at De Clieu or Cibo Espresso is a must for me. Before leaving this lovely city, I love visiting some of the theatres.

When you decide to visit this town, take all sides of it (the European, the urban, the fashionable) and combine them into a lovely puzzle Melbourne is.

Peter Minkoff is a freelance traveler and fashion stylist. He can be found on Facebook Peter Minkoff  and Twitter .

Getting out of the Clothing Comfort Zone: #MidLifeLuv

Tomorrow, I will be going outside of my comfort zone in a million ways. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking. I will probably embarrass my kids and my parents with the one or two hundred pictures that I’ll Instagram to everyone.

You can watch the spectacle from here:

Right now, I’m dressed in my typical mom outfit. Shorts and a t-shorts. Flip-flops too. It’s all age appropriate. Nothing that I’m wearing is too sexy.

Tomorrow, it will all change.I’m going to Warped Tour – all day long. My outfit will be sexy maybe.

People might say, “You’re too old.”

“Too chubby.”

“Too much like someone’s mom.”

“Too much like my mom.”

“Toooo sexy for an old chick.” “Old lady, I feel uncomfortable.”

All I can say, is that I’m not the fattest, oldest, least sexy person that will be there. Yes, I will be old enough to be almost everyone’s mother. It’s a role that I’ve accepted. I have to stop myself from getting out the band-aids and tissues sometimes.

There’s always one person, usually a roadie, that is older than me. Thank goodness for roadies, right?!

Of course, they could not think that I look sexy at all. In fact, it might be a dumb outfit. However, this outfit will be born out of the need to not wear flip-flops in the mosh pit. Flip-flops are dangerous at a concert where you can have your feet and other body parts stepped on – all day long.

You might think I’m even thinking like an old lady. Damned right! I’m an old lady that doesn’t want her toes broken.

So this old chick will be wearing her boots – her very comfortable, dependable black boots. The knee-high socks will just be a bonus to keep it interesting. I’ve never worn boots and knee-highs together.

nerdyOkay, maybe not never.

This was an isolated case. You can’t even prove that I’m wearing boots. These aren’t even my clothes.

Yes, tomorrow will be a day spent outside of the comfort zone. I absolutely cannot wait. I’m ready, except for buying the aforementioned knee-highs.

So I’ll be out buying knee-highs and preparing to embarrass my kids.

It’s what I do.

actually mother’s day outfit

actually mother's day outfit
It’s pretty close to what I’m actually wearing. 🙂 I don’t have all of those cool rings though. Maybe by next Mother’s Day!

What Should I Wear to Warped Tour?

What Should I Wear to Warped Tour?
The concert season is approaching. I don’t think I have anything to wear – not even sunglasses.

Dolce Gabbana red stripe tank top

Object Collectors Item black top
$41 –

Black top

Jersey top
$4.32 –

STELLA McCARTNEY flared cropped pants
$830 –

Carven black skirt
$365 –

Lee pants

Converse canvas sneaker

Vans orange shoes
$67 –

Sherpani backpack strap pouch
$78 –

Vans dot backpack
$46 –

Oasis kohl jewelry
$21 –

Black sunglasses

Iphone cover case
$23 –

People that make me feel smart: The Moon is a Moon!

This video made me laugh for awhile this morning. If you skip ahead to 7:19, you will see the host and Isaac Mizrahi argue about what the moon is – a planet or a star. They don’t like the description of the moon being a satellite. Maybe it sounds too basic for them? Anyway, it’s still a moon. No one lives on the moon yet. Sorry Isaac. He does make it sound believable, like it could possibly be a planet. Thank goodness for Google. Otherwise, they might never know the truth.
I feel so smart right now. Watch it and join me in feeling smart. On a side note, The shirt is so pretty in blue.

Crazy Stuff in My Closet: Short, Short, Short Brown Skirt


I really like this skirt. However, I’ve only worn it twice. It’s been a fine line between dressing my age and letting the booty hang out – age be damned. I’ve come to the point that some skirts need to be about an inch longer because I don’t want to hide the legs or show the booty.