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New Year New Interview: Rozu

If I could tour with a band, it might be Rozu of Denver, Colorado. They seem like they would be on board for doing bucket list shenanigans while not on stage. Plus, they are pretty rockin’ so that’s a bonus. Until my schedule allows for it, there’s probably at least one live Rozu show that can be put on the to-do list. #goals.

Check out the interview and find out what motivates the band.


What was the best thing to happen in 2019?

Touring and our continued growth were exactly what we wanted to accomplish this year. With every single we released and every show we played our fan base just seemed to grow a little bit more.

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

I think for all of us it is finishing this album and finalizing something we have been working on for almost 3 years now. We are also planning on hitting the road pretty hard in 2020 which is always a blast. 

Where was your first concert as a fan? As a performer?

My first concert was Tool at Red Rocks when I was like 12. As a performer my first show was the main stage at our hometown venue Summit Music Hall in Denver.

Do you think that there’s an alternate reality? If so, what is the alternate you doing?

Maybe, you never really know what is out there. If there is, I am probably like a banker or something completely opposite of my broke musician reality (laughs).

New Year’s Resolutions. Yay or Nay?

Absolutely, you should be setting goals for your personal growth every year.

What have been the best musical holiday moments in your life?

My dad got me my first guitar for Christmas one year, that was pretty rad.

Favorite holiday song?

NSYNC Christmas album is the only thing I prefer to listen to.

Least favorite holiday song?

Every holiday song really. Christmas music really kills the holiday for me.

What do you want people to know about your music?

I hope everyone can just feel the honesty in our music and every word. We write from our own lives and we put genuine feelings into our music which I hope people enjoy.


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If You Tell: #bookreview

If You Tell by Gregg Olsen is the story of Shelly Knotek, a convicted killer, told from the point of view of her daughters and other family members.

  • If you are triggered by stories about abuse, this post may not be helpful.

The book is set in Raymond, Washington, a small town known for logging and not much else. It was the first place that Nirvana ever played a show. It is also the known as the place where Shelly Knotek abused practically everyone she knew in one way or another. She is currently in prison for murdering two people that considered her to be their friend.

Shelly is a horrible person. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how she got away with all of the things she did for so long. Even when her two older daughters left they struggled with whether or not they should turn her in to the police. They knew she what she was capable of and they still didn’t want her to go to jail. Love is complex.

Shelly spent most of her life doing whatever it took to get what she wanted. When she was a teenager, she accused her father of sexually abusing her. He did not abuse her in any way. She lied about everything.

She had three daughters that received their share of her abuse. During the winter she would make her daughters wallow in the mud while spraying them with water. Can you imagine your parent making you roll around in mud during the winter?

I thought that the author told the story well. He was true to the story of the daughters as well as murder victims,Kathy Loreno and Ronald Woodworth. Her husband also killed her nephew, Shane Watson, at her request.

If you like true crime stories, then you might like this book. It is heartbreaking and aggravating at times but that’s just because of things that Shelly does. The book is definitely worth reading.

If you a narcissist, gaslighting abusive piece of work like Shelly Knotek, then you might not enjoy this book. The book didn’t end well for her so what are the chances for others like her?

New Year New Interview: Tarah Who?

If find yourself asking who is Tarah Who?, now is your chance to find out who they are.

Displaying Tarah Who_ Coralie Drums, Tarah Vocals, GTR picture 2.jpg
Tarah Who?

Band Name:

Tarah Who?

Tarah G. Carpenter: Vocals, Guitar

Coralie Herve: Drums

What was the best thing to happen in 2019?

CH: Being able to record a single “Pantomath”, going on tour and shot an awesome video !!

TGC: Oh man… So much has happened in 2019. Like Coralie said, we maid some pretty awesome videos, working with Benny The Jet was a real experience, as well as going on tour, and a really fun European tour with Yur Mum. Meeting Yur Mum actually was a big part of 2019. We totally fell in love with the band. Also in 2019, Coralie and I became a duo band which was a big challenge but we made it happen and it is turning out to be really rewarding. Getting an endorsement with Blackstar and Ernie Ball, two brands I absolutely love and releasing the first episodes of the docu-series… A lot of 2019 is opening doors for 2020. 

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

CH : More shows in different cities, more people to meet at our shows, more music and drum covers too.TGC: Yes we have a lot of dates already booked for the first 3 months of 2020, and we are preparing for more dates nationwide + Canada and going back to Europe with Yur Mum. We have a few videos like I said earlier that are in the works as well, and we just got offered to play at this Women Rider International Festival in Oklahoma. That is going to be so much fun! 

Where was your first concert as a fan? As a performer?

CH : My first concert was Nightwish in France in 2012, first time seeing my favorite band, it was amazing !! As a performer it was at the show of my music school when I was 10.

TGC: As a fan… Well… I  was really young… but There was this French Children singer called Dorothee. She was my first concert. As a performer, I was playing drums in a band and we played in a cave in Paris. Lots of house parties and bars. I started playing music as a drummer and bass player so my first shows were as a drummer and as a bass player. 

Do you think that there’s an alternate reality? If so, what is the alternate you doing?

CH : I really thing that I still will play drums but if a have to choose something I thing I’ll be an archeologist.

TGC: I am going to be really boring and admit that I am pretty grounded when it comes to alternated realities and sci-fi stories. I don’t really believe in those things.

New Year’s Resolutions. Yay or Nay?

CH : Not really but we will see hahahaha.

TGC: Hell Nay! 😉 no I am not into resolutions and all of that… if I want to do or stop doing something, I just put my mind into it. I don’t need someone, or a reason or a year to end to push me to do or stop doing something. 

What have been the best musical holiday moments in your life?

CH : I don’t really remember having a special musical holiday moments, but everyday is a musical journey.

TGC: Yeah neither do I … Also when I am around other people, I am not really the kind of person who is going to start playing and singing..

Favorite holiday song?

CH : Really cliché but I’ll say”All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey and “Last Christmas” by Wham!

TGC: Yeah.. I don’t have any… I am so sorry. Don’t want to sound like a Grinch but I am just not really into the whole Christmas songs.. I can’t stand musicals or Disney… so Christmas to me is kind of like that… You know? 

Least favorite holiday song?

TGC: … hum… All of them? 😉 

What do you want people to know about your music?

CH : We are an heavy, raw and loud punk/rock/grunge band.

TGC: Well, if you are into or grew up listening to 90s music, grunge punk, you should give us a listen 🙂 but either, check us out and support independent musicians 🙂 Follow us on our social media and if you want to get to know more about us, we have a documentary out on youtube. subscribe TARAHWHO for all of the updates 🙂 


Tarah Who? (Rock from Paris / Los Angeles)

Tarah Who? – Twitter

Tarah Who? Soundcloud

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Fox Medicine

Fox Medicine

Portland band Fox Medicine released their album, Procedures Mystiques, in November. This is a fashionably late review.

Fox Medicine’s music is punk but not like most punk. It’s kind of weird and fuzzy but I’m ok with that. They refer to their music as “bubblegum doom.”

The first song on the album, “Comfort Pony,” reminds me a little bit of The Runaways. If The Runaways and Sonic Youth did Ecstasy and then had a musical baby, it would be Fox Medicine. No one needs to do drugs – just listen to Fox Medicine and it will be enough of an adventure. Honestly, the song titles are the best thing that I’ve seen today. I’m kind of partial to “Orion’s Pointy Belt.”

Neezy Dynamite (guitar/vocals) met Vanny Keeps (drums/vocals) at a Melvins show. They began playing shows in late 2016.

I think I would like to listen to this album at a Hello Kitty store or a hipster shoe store. I could never buy an unworthy pair of boots if Fox Medicine is playing.


Best of 2019

Holleylolleyland on Instagram

All in all, 2019 was not that bad for me personally or blogwise. Things with the kids were challenging but still really excellent.

I went on a revenge diet and lost some weight. It was time to do something that would benefit my mental health and actual health. So I said goodbye to carbs and sweets and tried to exercise more. I recommend the Popsugar workout videos on Popsugar Fitness.

The plan is to get back on track after the holidays. I’m only human and there are sweets everywhere. My mom makes a strawberry jello pretzel dessert that is amazing.

This year, I finished the Goodreads Reading Challenge. There were two books that I started but didn’t finish. For Christmas, someone gave me an actual Kindle. It might be the most accurate gift I’ve ever received.

Hope that you all have a Happy New Year!

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