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Annie: Let’s Go to the Movies

My family and I went to the movies over the weekend. We decided to see “Annie.” When I was a kid, I loved the 1982 film “Annie.”
The 2014 version is more modern and up-to-date. Quvenzhané Wallis is adorable and feisty as Annie. She lives with her horrible, alcoholic foster mom, Ms. Hannagan, played by Cameron Diaz. Daddy Warbucks is now named Will Stacks, the wealthy owner of a successful cell phone company. Jaime Foxx was cast in the part of Will Stacks.
The movie was cute. My kids enjoyed it. It’s worth watching again. I felt like Foxx and Wallis had good chemistry. I believed that he wanted to adopt her. Who wouldn’t though?
I only had three problems with the movie. First of all, I am convinced that while Diaz sings the music is just as loud as her voice. Maybe her voice is awful and they needed to hide it.

Secondly, there was some dancing. However, the dance numbers were not as good as the original “Annie.” This version didn’t have Anne Reinking  as Grace. Reinking is a hard act to follow. It’s just my humble opinion.

For the third problem, if I were the director, Will Gluck, and hired Tracie Thoms to be in my movie, which is also a musical, I would make sure that there was at least one song for her to sing. I would stay up all night writing songs for her to sing. Seriously, she has a better voice than everyone else in this movie. I felt like it was a waste of talent. Oh look, Thoms was in “Rent.” Just sayin’. Rant over.