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Several Alarm Clocks : NaBloPoMo

Do you think you maintain a good balance of making yourself happy, while making other people happy?


It’s definitely a balancing act. I know that I can’t make everyone on the planet happy. I pretty sure that I do things to make the kids happy even if it’s not something I’m thrilled about – like driving or going to McDonald’s with other noisy kids.

There are a lot of concerts that I’ve missed because I have mommyhood responsibility. Although I’m not a perfect mommy -according to Scary Mommy I’m the Running Late Mom – I do the best that I can. Sometimes I have to put a little extra effort into getting everyone every where on time- like having two alarm clocks, having everything on a calendar and checking the calendar and all alarms several times.

Today was a Running Late Mom day. I’m going to blame it on working until midnight and then taking NyQuil. Darn you NyQuil! Darn you relentless cough!

Even with all of the lateness and coughing, it was still a good day with the family. I missed a Nothing More concert somewhere that was probably awesome. We all have sacrifices to make sometimes. They are coming back to the area in February so I’m not giving up hope yet. Mommy does need to get out of the house at some point. It’s looking good for February.

We all had some laughs, talked about bullies and finding Santa Claus. My kids made some funny faces at me. I did not take pictures this time.

Usuallythey do it to strangers, while I’m driving them around. It makes them all laugh hysterically. So I put up with a little embarrassment for a short time. Sometimes I pretend I don’t know anything or anybody.

I feel like I could say, “Sorry sir, I don’t know these children. I’m just the driver.” 

Now they are all tucked in and watching “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” in Spanish.  That’s how we roll around here.  Feliz Navidad!


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Most Embarrassing Moment: Blogtober 14

Most embarrassing moment. ….

It’s really hard to top puking 50 feet from the finish line in front of a few thousand people.

I wrote about it last year. So far I have progressed to taking pictures of races. I haven’t quite gotten back into the race yet.




There was also the time went swimming at a hotel pool. My friends and I  did not know that there were windows in the pool. On the other side of the pool was a bar, the Mermaid Lounge. So our bodies were on display for about an hour. We had no idea until we were finished swimming. Some dude noticed us while we were standing in the hall. I guess he recognized us from swimming in the Mermaid Lounge. Luckily, we had good bodies back then so there wasn’t any reason for us to be embarrassed. However, I think I did readjust my suit while in the pool, which is a little bit embarrassing. It hasn’t stopped me from swimming.