116 Days of Summer Guests: Sydney Ranee’

  Hey!!! This is Sydney Ranee’ and I am a singer/songwriter and producer from Los Angeles. First off I want to thank Holley for having me. This is my first time doing something like this and I’m super excited. I’ve got a pretty epic topic so I’m just going to dive right in it. I’veContinue reading “116 Days of Summer Guests: Sydney Ranee’”

116 Days of Summer Guests: NeoRomantics

  For this series of summer guest posts,  I would usually give the band or solo artist a list of topics or one very broad topic. The NeoRomantics of Tulsa, Oklahoma chose to tell me about their bucket list. It’s like a combination of my favorite things – music and bucket lists.  This reminds meContinue reading “116 Days of Summer Guests: NeoRomantics”

116 Days of Summer Guests: Hold Fast Hope

When I was in college, I wrote quite a bit of poetry. Unfortunately, I could never manage to turn one into a song. That type of musicality eludes me. If someone could play a tune, maybe I could add words. So I’m always curious about different songwriting styles. Hold Fast Hope is a band thatContinue reading “116 Days of Summer Guests: Hold Fast Hope”

116 Days of Summer Guests: Till I Fall

Since I’m feeling lazy, I thought that maybe Till I Fall would be interested in telling you about their summer plans. They just released an EP so they’re feeling motivated.  Welcome to the summer guest post by Till I Fall.             Thanks for checking out our Acoustic EP, which wasContinue reading “116 Days of Summer Guests: Till I Fall”

116 Days of Summer Guests: It’s Dearly

Indie recording artist, Dearly, was formerly known by a different name. I asked her to do a guest post on the topic of identity. She says so much with just 159 words.       Identity: Something I’ve struggled to find in myself over the past few years and still am on the journey toContinue reading “116 Days of Summer Guests: It’s Dearly”

116 Days of Summer Guests: Sanderlings

So this post by the Sanderlings the first in the 116 Days of Summer Guests series. Instead of me asking questions, I’ve invited a few bands and solo artists to write about whatever they’d like to talk about – within reason. My mom reads this blog so we’re keeping it kind of clean.    Continue reading “116 Days of Summer Guests: Sanderlings”

1st Ever Guest Post: Visiting The Paperback Palace

Today, I’ll be over at The Paperback Palace doing my first ever guest post. The subject is “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn and personality quizzes. It was a lot of fun. Check it out here: http://thepaperbackpalace.blogspot.com/2015/06/we-love-personality-quizzes-and-gone.html

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