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if we were having coffee: roller skating, shopping & ice cream with the birthday princess

If we were having coffee, I would be so happy to see you and have an adult conversation. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t had a really awesome day with the birthday princess aka Little Sister #2. I just haven’t really talked to a grown-up beyond introductions (“Hi. I’m her mom. It’s her birthday. Is there any coffee?”)

#birthdaypancakes for the #birthdayprincess
#birthdaypancakes for the #birthdayprincess
  • Lucas made her some birthday pancakes. It should be a thing. Birthday pancakes. #birthdaypancakes
  • We went roller skating with the Girl Scouts. Little Sister wanted to go there for her birthday last year. We didn’t go so I was happy to see roller skating Girl Scout event that fell on her birthday this year. We were all very excited, even though she didn’t get to ride in the giant roller skate. She was happy with the bouncy house and scooter. Nothing seemed to make her happier than racing around me saying “Hi Mom. Bye Mom.”
  • 11209574_10152744221142714_5825868619579664412_nbirthdaygirl2
She loves this dragon.
She loves this dragon.
  •  I don’t know any of the moms. I still don’t know any of the moms. No one was really talkative. No one was rude . . . just not very outgoing.
  • Maybe they didn’t like my pigtails and unicorn shirt. I realize that I’m 40 but I still like pigtails and unicorns. Maybe they just wanted to be alone . . . in a noisy roller skating rink. Not judging. I’ve wanted to be alone in noisy places.
  • So I lasted about five minutes at the table before I put on my skates. I still know that I’m 40 but I really love to go roller skating. If I had really great medical insurance plus great secondary medical insurance, I would join the roller derby. I chose my name and persona, which includes pigtails, a few years ago. However, the chances of getting injured are pretty high. Medical bills are also pretty high.
  • http://www.zazzle.com/this_is_roller_derby_mug-168996904754483520
  • Then we went to Toys R’ Us. Honestly, I got out of there for a bargain price of two toys. I figured it would end up being more toys than we could fit in the car.
  • Little Sister #2 is my fashionista child. She was more than happy to shop for clothes. Old Navy is having a summer kickoff summer sale this weekend. I also got out of there with the bargain price of having the kid stylin’ for the whole summer, flip flops and all. Have I ever mentioned that Little Sister #2 hardly ever wears shorts? It’s all skirts and dresses for the birthday princess from the first warm day of spring until the first chilly day in the fall.
  • 11265206_10152744466052714_7086593302948843113_nbirthdaygirl

SpongeBob Sleepy Pants: A Non-Review Review


Over the weekend, the kids and I went to see the new SpongeBob movie. The theater was packed with young kids and their caregivers. What did I get myself into?

We finally found some seats way, way, way up front.

My seat was also to the left of the only left-handed teenager in the room. Lucky me. When he was finished eating his popcorn, I could finally fall asleep. It wasn’t my original plan. I just could not stay awake or stay focused on the movie, even with Antonio Banderas as a pirate.

This is what I imagine that I looked like to my kids and the left-handed teenager.


I can’t really tell you that it was an awful or awesome movie. However, my kids loved it and that’s all I know.

Skylanders are Stealing my Soul: Mommyhood


My patience with these Skylanders is at an all time low. They can’t carry a tune. I’m pretty sure they only know one or two songs. I have one of their songs stuck in my head right now.

Little Sister #1 and Little Sister #2 are completely addicted to this game. Little Sister #1 is always concerned that the game won’t save her progress or money. She has a point. It saves most things but not always everything.

They would play it from the moment their eyes open until they can’t keep their eyes open anymore. It takes a major effort to get them to turn the game off so they eat and socialize with other people.

And the fighting. They fight constantly about who goes first and which Skylander to use. It’s exhausting to be in the same room with all of them.

Occasionally, they have to take a potty break. It’s never a long enough break for me to hide the game or accidentally drop those little Skylander jerks in the driveway under my tire.

Maybe next time . . .


3 Things that are Different Since Becoming a Mom

Things are different when you become a mom. This is a list of the top three things that changed for me when I entered mommyhood.


1. Some songs have different meanings now that I’ve had children. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” comes to mind. It’s really about a girlfriend but when I hear it now the meaning is different. It reminds me of Darling Daughter whenever it’s on the radio. Omigosh! I wish I had had this onesie for my kids when they were babies.


2. I pay attention to that Parental Advisory label. I don’t always heed it’s warning but I notice it more than before I was a parent. It’s sort of like speed limit signs, I see them both as a suggestion. Also, I should probably have this as a t-shirt. I may contain explicit lyrics when the children are at school.


3. I don’t have popcorn and ice cream for dinner too much anymore. Since becoming a mom, I try to serve things that are healthier. (I also try to get someone else to cook so that the food is edible.) I do make a pretty good peanut butter & jelly sandwich.


My new friend, Iron Mom, also has a cute post about the joys of motherhood.

Check it out!

Stuff My Kid’s Fight About: Pegasus vs. Unicorn

Two of my daughter’s have been fighting about the same subject for quite awhile. Maybe a month but it could be more. The topic of this fight is whether a winged horse with a horn is a unicorn or whether it is a pegasus.
Does anyone else have children that argue about this topic?
Finally, tonight I remembered to look it up on the internet. I love you Internet because you may have saved us from the argument that never seems to end.
So here is what I found out. I want to share just in case anyone else is curious.
Pegasus is a specific winged horse in mythology. He is a character, like Medusa. Speaking of Medusa, she is also Pegasus’ mother. Crazy, huh? Some sources claim that when Perseus beheaded Medusa, Pegasus sprung from her neck. Who’s the daddy? Well, the father of Pegasus was Poseidon.
As far as I can tell, a winged unicorn is called an equalacorn, pegacorn, unipeg or an alicorn. The answer that my kids are looking for is “Yes, a winged horse can have a horn. It can be like Pegasus and a unicorn.”


Several Alarm Clocks : NaBloPoMo

Do you think you maintain a good balance of making yourself happy, while making other people happy?


It’s definitely a balancing act. I know that I can’t make everyone on the planet happy. I pretty sure that I do things to make the kids happy even if it’s not something I’m thrilled about – like driving or going to McDonald’s with other noisy kids.

There are a lot of concerts that I’ve missed because I have mommyhood responsibility. Although I’m not a perfect mommy -according to Scary Mommy I’m the Running Late Mom – I do the best that I can. Sometimes I have to put a little extra effort into getting everyone every where on time- like having two alarm clocks, having everything on a calendar and checking the calendar and all alarms several times.

Today was a Running Late Mom day. I’m going to blame it on working until midnight and then taking NyQuil. Darn you NyQuil! Darn you relentless cough!

Even with all of the lateness and coughing, it was still a good day with the family. I missed a Nothing More concert somewhere that was probably awesome. We all have sacrifices to make sometimes. They are coming back to the area in February so I’m not giving up hope yet. Mommy does need to get out of the house at some point. It’s looking good for February.

We all had some laughs, talked about bullies and finding Santa Claus. My kids made some funny faces at me. I did not take pictures this time.

Usuallythey do it to strangers, while I’m driving them around. It makes them all laugh hysterically. So I put up with a little embarrassment for a short time. Sometimes I pretend I don’t know anything or anybody.

I feel like I could say, “Sorry sir, I don’t know these children. I’m just the driver.” 

Now they are all tucked in and watching “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” in Spanish.  That’s how we roll around here.  Feliz Navidad!


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