Midnight Painting Party


If you are going to have a midnight painting party, you should first decide on the guest list. If the room is small, the guest list doesn’t have to be enormous. It might get messier than necessary with too many people. You could end up getting paint on everything but the walls.

You should also have your supplies ready before you open the paint. Some things you will need include: a flat-head screwdriver, an assortment of brushes, painting tape, a ladder or stepladder, plastic to cover your belongings and carpet. If you don’t want it to get painted, cover it or move it out of the room. Also do not paint in your favorite jeans like I did because they will get paint on them eventually.
Liquor is optional. However, you may lose motivation after too many margaritas. In this case, you may want to have someone else take over before you paint the ceiling accidentily.

If you have never painted before, ask the people at Lowe’s or your favorite hardware store about what type of paint you will need. I was not impressed with the customer service in the Wal-Mart paint department. So I have moved on to Lowe’s.

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