To Go Beyond: Nablopomo

To Go Beyond: Nablopomo

To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short. – Confucius

I do agree with this saying. It took me a few moments to get out of the customer service mode of “going above and beyond.”
The saying is about doing things correctly. For example, do not add too much garlic salt to the spaghetti sauce because it will not taste right. Also don’t turn up the heat too high and burn the eggs. And do not leave your cookbook on the burner and burn a burner-shaped hole in the cover. I may have done one or all of these things.
If you follow the directions, your recipe will work. You will have the dish that you desire instead of burnt eggs and cookbooks.

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


  1. I innocently pull up your blog and BAM a page size chocolate chip cookie! My diet officially sees you as a hostile foe. I do love your example of the garlic powder though. My dear beloved husband cannot taste anything due to having no sense of smell, so if I am not paying attention and he gets loose in the kitchen he will put hot chili sauce, paste, powder and/or flakes in EVERYTHING. The only things he can detect is sweet, sour or spicy. Well, if it’s dessert it’s supposed to be sweet. If it’s candy it’s supposed to be sour. But, lord help us, if it’s a meal, he wants it spicy. He is only happy when the first bite makes his entire face turn red and makes his eyes water. He sniffs and sniffles through his dinner and wipes his eyes and he is a happy guy. The rest of us cannot protest as our tongues have swollen up inside our mouths and our insides are leaking out of the holes that have been burned in our stomachs. Sometimes too much is way too much!

  2. this reminded me of my Mom. She “browned” my scrambled eggs when I was little and I have been eating them that way ever since. One day I was at a friends and she was making scrambled eggs and I told her I liked my a little brown, and she asked why I liked them burned, I said I didn’t … just browned and I’ve been eating them like that forever and she said “marika, your mother burned your eggs once and wanted you to eat them and she’s been burning them ever since.” Never occurred to me! Still like them brown!

    1. Cute! 🙂 Better brown than runny i guess. Everyone likes their eggs a certain way. I like mine fried.

  3. I think your cookie looks great! I am bad at baking cookies, sometimes I barely pull them out in time, others I leave them in there about 1 minute too long so they’re a little brown and a tad burnt/stuck to the pan. Sometimes that’s all the more reason to have ice cream with them 🙂

    1. I agree. Ice cream is always good. 🙂
      I took the photo of the cookie. But I didn’t bake it. I’m not too bad at baking cookies. It might be the only thing. Of course, I have burned my share.

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