Just call me . . . . NaBloPoMo

Just call me . . . . NaBloPoMo

The name Veronica means “Bringing victory.” Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been partial to the name Veronica. I think it sounds beautiful and strong. It’s very different from my name, which is Holley.
I hear about Holly Hobbie all of the time. I even love Holly Hobbie. There are a few Holly Hobbie dolls somewhere in my collection of stuff. There’s a much softer, gentler connotation to the name Holly that probably suits me much to my dislike. So if I could have an alter ego, her name would be Veronica.
I used to read the “Archie” and “Betty and Veronica” comics. Although, I realize Veronica was difficult and not always nice, I like her anyway. Veronica was determined and strong-willed. I appreciate that about her. She has cool hair that I hope to have someday.


  1. Would you have folks call you “Ronnie” like my friend Veronica does? No one ever calls her Veronica. Would the nickname spoil it?

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