In Someone Else’s Coca-Cola Shoes: NaBloPoMo

p>Do you think it’s possible to ever truly see the world from another person’s perspective, or are we held so tightly to our own way of viewing the world?

If you had asked me last week, I would have said “Of Course, we can. Everything can be rainbows and unicorns.” However, after reading about all of the controversy regarding the Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial, I am not so sure. I think that there is hope but it’s going to take a lot more work. Maybe more work than I ever imagined.
I watched the commercial. I didn’t see any terrorists. There were people, truly beautiful people.
I heard “America the Beautiful” sung in several different languages. In my opinion, it does represent what is beautiful about America. America is and will always be multi-cultural, whether anyone likes it or not.
The criticism of the commercial is so ugly and reeks of cowardice. I thought America was the home of the brave? It seems like there is a large group of people who dislike the cultures that exist in this country. I don’t understand why. I might not ever understand that point of view.
Seriously, who thinks “America the Beautiful” is the national anthem? They must really be proud to be an American. So proud that they don’t even know the national anthem. I’m sure that everyone knows by now that it is not the national anthem. Now their ignorance is on the internet forever.
I’m going to go drink a Coca-Cola, while translating the actual national anthem into Spanish and wearing those kick-ass Coca-Cola shoes. Maybe not but I could. This is America isn’t it?

The Real national anthem – The Star Spangled Banner

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  1. Enjoy your coca cola drink! It is nice you point out how surprised you were by all those weird and unappropriate reactions. I neither could not believe my eyes while scanning Facebook, tweets, … So let’s coca-cola-toast on exploring cultures and languages!!

    1. Yes!! That’s awesome! I will definitely toast to that! 🙂

  2. Great job! I posted something similar today when I heard about this, I’m a member of the Latino community. I think that there are some Americans who have a problem. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

    Then I watched the video. And I saw what you did. A beautiful homage to what America is ….. A mixture of many differences. E Pluribus Umum!

    1. Thanks! My house is multi-cultural. 🙂 My boyfriend is Hispanic. I’m white but my grandpa came to America from Sicily. It seems like some people forget their heritage. It’s a shame.
      We don’t speak different languages at home. But only because we don’t know how. I thought the commercial was lovely. 🙂

      1. I thought the same when I saw it. I’m Latina … like I said from Puerto Rico. I speak two languages.
        Plenty a times the Americans I worked with didn’t like anyone speaking Spanish.
        🙁 ….. rather than learn.

      2. I took Latin in high school. 🙁 But I was going to be a journalism major.
        I don’t know why people are so against a second language. Dora the Explorer speaks two languages and everyone loves her. 😉

      3. Not applauding someone who can speak another language other than English … shows that this individual is ignorant and foolish!

      4. True! We don’t live in a country where intelligence and education are valued. Obviously from the response to the commercial, not everyone is blessed with intelligence.
        Don’t get me started on the educational system. I’ll start to sound like my dad. He was a teacher.

      5. I totally understand … I guess I feel the same!! It sucks ….

      6. Great minds! Thanks for the reblog! I appreciate it. 🙂

      7. Anytime!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Horty! 🙂 You’re awesome!

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    Very interesting point of view …… youtube videos included. Stop, take a look!! TY ….

  4. I’m just still astounded that anyone has a problem with that commercial. My husband is half Ottawa – both a Native American and First Nations tribe. Nearly every American is an import from elsewhere. If Hubby doesn’t have a problem with the commercial, I don’t see how anyone in this country who isn’t Native American, has the right to have a problem with it. Interesting fact: when our Forefathers were deciding what language we would speak in the United States, English won out over German…by a single vote.

    1. That is interesting! So we could be speaking German instead of English. The English language borrows from tons of other languages. It’s not like it came from nowhere and appeared. Thanks for visiting & commenting.

      1. You’re welcome. Yes, I have to investigate why German was selected as the other option. I suspect the vote was close because some people wanted to distance themselves as much as possible from Great Britain. I suppose murdering the language with our awful American accent was sufficient to separate us from the British. I know I’d rather listen to a Brit talk all day long! Sigh.

      2. Yeah. I love movies where Tom Hardy isn’t an American. 🙂 Love the British accent!

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